Teddi Mellencamp Dishes More About Her RHOBH Firing

teddi Mellencamp

Getty Teddi Mellencamp in 2019

During the most recent episode of her podcast, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp revealed more about her firing.

On the podcast, Mellencamp said that before she was fired, a rumor swirled around the internet that she was being let go, and she became inundated with text messages. “The craziest part about it was, I think it was last Monday, I woke up, I was on the Peloton and my girlfriends started texting me,” Mellencamp said on her podcast, as noted by Page Six. “My non-television show girlfriends and they’re like, ‘Hey, is everything cool?’ And I’m like, ‘Why?’ And they’re like, ‘It’s all over the Daily Mail that you’re no longer a ‘Housewife.’ And I was like, ‘Oh come on!’”

Mellencamp continued, as noted by Page Six, “Maybe, not three hours later, I get the phone call and they’re like, ‘Hey.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ And they’re like, ‘So, um, your contract is not getting renewed as a ‘Housewife,’ And I’m like, ‘You are telling me that it’s released to the Daily Mail before me!’”

Mellencamp has been a member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Season 8.

Mellencamp Said That There Were Signs That Pointed to Her Being Fired

During the podcast episode, Mellencamp also mentioned that there were other clues that pointed to her firing.“I think for the last couple of months, I had been preparing myself,” Mellencamp confessed, as noted by Page Six. “Because we had like a really busy year last year with our family. Like, I got pregnant naturally for the first time. I was able to tell the kids. I filmed so many amazing things that were never shown on the show … it should have been the writing on the wall.”

Mellencamp continued, as noted by Page Six, “All the things that make me a likable, redeeming human being were not shown on the season.”

Mellencamp’s Husband Sounded off on Her Firing

Mellencamp’s husband, Edwin Arroyave, also had a lot to say about Mellencamp’s firing. In an Instagram post, Arroyave agreed that Bravo should have shown more of their family’s personal life. On September 23, Arroyave wrote in an Instagram caption, “To my love, I support you, I am proud of you and am amazed by your incredible work ethic and resilience. You showed up for our family, all in and #rhobh every day. You were pregnant and never once complained, left early or took anything for granted. I wish this season showed more of what you filmed everyday growing our miracle baby, caring for our family, laughing with your friends and inspiring your clients. ”

Arroyave continued, “Anyone that knows you, immediately falls in love with you and the reason is because of your heart and your laughter. Seeing sadness in your eyes when you got the call broke my heart but seeing how fast you bounced back today shows me that you have amazing things coming your way. I love you baby. Thanks for taking me along on this beautiful ride called life.”

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