Teresa Giudice Criticized for ‘Acting Like a Child’

Teresa Giudice

Bravo Teresa Giudice.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice got engaged to her fiance Luis “Louie” Ruelas in 2021. During the show’s twelfth season, Giudice expressed frustration toward her castmates who have questioned her relationship. In particular, she was unhappy with Margaret Josephs for inquiring about a video of Ruelas pleading to an unidentified woman while on a beach. She also had an issue with former football player Tiki Barber for asking her fiance about abuse allegations, which he denied. 

In “RHONJ” season 12, episode 8, Barber’s wife, Traci Lynn Johnson, brought her co-stars together for an event that involved being blindfolded on a ropes course. When Giudice arrived, she shared that she was angry with Johnson and Josephs. She also repeatedly stated that she did not want to participate in the ropes course. 

“Maybe I’ll go up with some people that I really don’t like so I can throw them down. I’m not in a good mood so this is not going to be good. I’m just saying,” stated the mother of four. 

When Giudice shared that she was unhappy because “people like to talk behind [her] back,” Josephs chimed in that they “say it to [her] face.” 

“You just have a temper tantrum,” asserted the fashion designer. 

Reddit Users Shared Their Opinions on Teresa Giudice

On March 23, 2022, a Reddit user shared a screenshot from “RHONJ” season 12, episode 8 on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit

“I love Teresa but she was acting like a child on this episode,” read the caption. 

Quite a few commenters shared that they had an issue with Giudice’s behavior. 

“I feel like whenever Teresa is annoyed and doesn’t want to be filming she wastes zero time. She goes straight to causing a ruckus so she can get out of there,” commented a Reddit user

“Things that’ll never change: 1)Teresa will rage blackout and be unreasonable at the drop of a hat. 2) The rest of the cast talk about her constantly when she’s not around season after season. But really, this Marge vs Tre has been a long time coming. 🍿🍿🍿,” shared another

“She acts like a child a lot,” asserted a different person

“I loved Marge speaking the truth in this moment. Temper tantrum is exactly what Teresa has done for years and it’s worked. Teresa has some weird ‘mean girl’ power over the other women. I don’t find Marge that likeable……but after this comment, she may have won me over. Speaking truth to tantrums. Go Marge,” shared a Reddit user

“Oh she’s such an immature pain in the a** its horrifying,” wrote an “RHONJ” fan.

“She was so annoying. Perfectly good episode and she comes on like a black cloud,” added another commenter

“I don’t know any people who behave this way! Let me rephrase that…I don’t know any adults who behave this way. Being friends with these people would stress me out to the max! 😂,” chimed in a seventh Bravo fan

Teresa Giudice Discussed the Ropes Course

During a March 2022 episode of the “RHONJ After Show,” Giudice spoke about the ropes course. She admitted that she came “in very hot” to the event. 

“I was not in a good mood that day because of both of them because Margaret hearing her talking s*** and because, you know, that was right after guy’s night. I had to let them know how I was feeling. And I guess they got the picture,” said the 49-year-old.

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