Teresa Giudice Slammed After Posting new Photo With Boyfriend

Getty Images Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice is being slammed by fans after she shared a new photo with her boyfriend Luis Ruelas. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star posted a poolside pic with her beau, taken during a recent trip to the Bahamas.

Teresa, her boyfriend, and her four daughters went to the Caribbean in late March to visit Teresa’s ex-husband Joe Giudice, who moved there from Italy. This was the first time that Joe met Luis — but all seemed to go well.

In the photo, Teresa and Luis wore swim attire. Teresa had on a black coverup over a pink, triangle-top bikini, while Luis wore a white T-shirt and a pair of gray swim trunks. Luis had his arm around Teresa, as they posed for the shot, both in sunglasses.

“My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it,” Teresa captioned the post, adding a few emoji and some hashtags.

Neither Teresa nor Luis were smiling in the photo, which made one thing really stand out; Teresa’s lips. Fans noticed that Teresa’s pout was looking bigger than usual, and many accused her of getting her lips done.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Were Quick to Slam Teresa’s Lips in the Comments Section

Teresa’s lips appeared more full in this new photo, though it’s unclear if she got fillers or if she just over-lined her pout. Nevertheless, several people commented on the photo, letting Teresa know that they don’t like the way her fuller lips look.

“Stop with the lip fillers it’s too much love you tho,” one Instagram user commented.

“Teresa leave your lips alone,” added another.

“She had her lips done! I hope she is happy now. I was hoping her and her husband got back together,” a third wrote.

“What’s happening with you guys and lips!!! Still beautiful but a little much maybe,” echoed a fourth.

Teresa has not responded to any of the comments about her lips.

Fans Also Picked up on Teresa’s ‘Pineapple’ Hashtag

On a recent episode of RHONJ, Teresa shared a little TMI. She brought up oral sex, and mentioned that she heard that eating pineapple makes a woman taste sweet. The other Housewives were laughing, and it was said in good fun, which may be why Teresa also put pineapple as a hashtag in her post.

“#love #bahamas #pineapple,” were the three hashtags Teresa used. Her BFF Dina Manzo didn’t skip a beat, commenting “it’s the hashtag for me,” adding the tongue out emoji.

Fans also caught on to Teresa’s hashtag, many posting pineapple emoji in the comments section.

“The hashtag pineapple is what makes this post amazing,” an Instagram user commented.

“Pineapple!!! Teresa good for you!!! Have fun girl. You guys look amazing together,” another wrote.

“Get that pineapple juice girl!!” added a third.

While most of the comments on Teresa’s post were positive when it came to her hashtags, some were not.

“This is cringeworthy [Teresa]. You’re not in high school,” one Instagram user wrote.

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