Teresa Giudice: ‘I F****** Finally Woke Up’ to Melissa & Joe Gorga

Teresa Giudice

Bravo Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice lashed out at her brother and her sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga, in the January 18 episode of her podcast, “Namaste B$tches,” and said she finally realized that they were “using and abusing” her.

Giudice ripped into her family members while speaking with her co-host Melissa Pfeister when she said she caught on to the fact that her brother Joe Gorga “would only come around when I was filming.” She added, “And now I get it, I was just used and abused. Just so that they could become famous, so they could get their paycheck from Housewives, and now I’m seeing it all.”

Giudice added that she didn’t want to believe it but even her children had noticed and told her that the Gorgas “only come around when we film.” She said when she was raising her daughters alone after Joe Giudice was deported from the U.S., her brother would come to see her but that it was “just cause of the show.”

She added that they never asked her to go out with them outside of filming. “Not once did they say let’s go out to dinner, we want to take her out to dinner,” she shared. “Not once. And I even said to him one time, ‘why don’t you ever ask me to go out?’ and he said, ‘well cause we always go out with couples.’ I’m like, ‘so what? I don’t care if you go out with couples.'”

Giudice continued, “So let me make this clear, one last time… The only way [Melissa Gorga] is relevant is if she talks about me. And I f****** finally see… I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid any more. I f****** woke up, I f****** finally woke up.”

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Teresa Giudice Said That Joe & Melissa Gorga Skipping Her Wedding Was the ‘Ultimate Betrayal’

Giudice explained on the podcast that she wasn’t “done” with Joe and Melissa Gorga because of what she was seeing while watching RHONJ for the first time and that was just the “icing on the cake.” Instead, the OG star said what her family members did was the “ultimate betrayal.”

“My family did come on the show and betrayed me,” she told listeners. “It was the ultimate betrayal… The ultimate betrayal, my only brother, my only family, my only sister-in-law did not show up at my wedding,” she continued.

Giudice added that on top of not showing up to her wedding, the Gorgas posted “terrible things” on social media at the time of her nuptials to Luis “Louie” Ruelas. “They had a party at their house and were saying like horrible things on social media, saying something like, this is better than a wedding and stuff like that,” she told Pfeister.

Teresa Giudice Said She Was Shocked That Her Brother Didn’t Show Up & Then Insulted Her Marriage at BravoCon

Giudice opened up further about her wedding day and the decision from her brother not to attend, saying that it was really difficult to be so happy about her wedding while at the same time seeing her brother “talk trash” on social media with her sister-in-law’s family. “Like how do you think that made me feel?” she asked on “Namaste B$tches.”

The Bravo star said her wedding planner asked her if she should change the seating arrangement after the Gorgas publicly said they wouldn’t be coming and she told her not to. “Because there’s no way that my brother and my sister-in-law, my only family that I have, did not show up at my wedding,” Giudice continued.

On top of that, Giudice said it was really hurtful for her brother to double down on his stance at BravoCon and make a joke about his comedy career outlasting her marriage to Ruelas. “He wasn’t even asked the question, Melissa was asked the question,” she said. “Why would you do that? I don’t understand, my brother is not my brother, I don’t know what happened to him,” she concluded.

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