WATCH: Teresa Giudice Live Interview Leaves Fans Surprised

Teresa Giudice.

Getty Images Teresa Giudice's live interview left fans surprised.

Teresa Giudice made an appearance at the Live! Casino Hotel Philadelphia along with her “Real Housewives of New Jersey” co-star Dolores Catania and “Real Housewives of New York” star Dorinda Medley.

The ladies sat down for an interview in front of live audience and Giudice was asked a few questions about her wedding — specifically about Ramona Singer leaking her wedding invitations on social media.

“When Ramona leaked your wedding invite, what did you say to her, how did she react, and why wasn’t she at the wedding?” the interviewer asked Giudice.

Giudice said that someone called her to let her know that her invitation had been leaked online. When she was told that it was Singer who posted the invite on her Instagram Stories, Giudice reacted, “are you f****** kidding me?” She couldn’t find Singer’s phone number so she got it from another star before calling her up and asking her to take the post down.

Fans on social media reacted to Giudice’s interview, many saying that they were surprised about how “relatable” she seemed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Took to Reddit to Share Their Thoughts on Giudice’s Interview


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A few videos of Giudice’s interview were posted on TikTok and fans started a Reddit thread to discuss what the reality star had to say. Interestingly, fans had less to say about what Giudice said and more to say about how she said it.

“I LOVE being able to listen to her unedited and unfiltered, telling a two minute long story.. that’d never happen on rhonj.. she seems like she’s talking to a friend,” one person commented on the thread.

“She seems so relatable and more relaxed here,” someone else added.

“This might sound silly, but Teresa somewhat sounded intelligent in this Ramona/invite retelling,” a third Redditor wrote.

“I’d really like Tre if she acted like this on the show more often lol,” another RHONJ fan said.

“I loved how Teresa told this story for some reason,” read another comment.

Fans Loved Giudice’s Impression of Singer

Giudice did an impression of Singer while telling the story of her leaked wedding invitation and fans thought she did a great job.

“Oh my God. What did I do? What did I do?” Giudice mimicked Singer, frantically. The comments about her impression rolled in on TikTok and on Reddit.

“Not Teresa doing a PERFECT Ramona impression,” one person wrote on TikTok.

“The Ramona impression,” someone else wrote, adding a crying with laughter emoji.

“Her impersonation of Ramona was impeccable,” a Redditor commented on the aforementioned thread.

Giudice admitted that Singer costed her “a lot more money” for “postage” and “security.” And when Giudice sent out new invitations, Singer was still on the guest list. The reason she didn’t attend? She didn’t tell Giudice. However, a rep for Singer previously told Heavy that she had pre-made travel plans that kept her from attending the nuptials.

“She was planning to still be away in Europe on the date of the wedding, but came home early because she is going to Aspen for several weeks,” Singer’s rep said, making it clear that Singer “was not disinvited” — which Giudice also clarified during her interview at Live!

“She wishes Teresa nothing but the best and [is] so happy for her,” Singer’s rep added.

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