Teresa Giudice Returns to Life-Changing Spot

Teresa Giudice

Bravo Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice returned to the place that changed her life.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star posed for a photo on the street where she first met her fiancé, Luis Ruelas, last summer. Giudice and Ruelas started dating in mid-2021, according to Us Weekly, and got engaged in October 2021 during a trip to Greece.

The two have been living in a “love bubble,” and they moved into a lavish new home as they began to plan their wedding.

But even with a summer 2022 wedding on the horizon, the lovebirds found the time to go back to where it all began.

Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas Posed at the Jersey Shore Street Where They First Met

In an Instagram post shared in July 2022, Giudice and Ruelas posed on the Jersey shore street corner where their love story began. The Bravo star wore a white Anneology maxi dress as she posed with her man on a street corner on Bay Boulevard in Ortley Beach, New Jersey.

“Bay Boulevard ❤ where it all happened!!! I love you forever my Love, ” Giudice captioned the photo.

Several fans reacted to the photo and joked that they want to try finding love in the same spot.

“It was meant to be!! I need to walk down that street and meet someone. Hahaha,” one fan wrote.

“Stands on Bay Boulevard looking for my love (Hopefully it works for me too lol),” another agreed.

“LANDMARK OF LOVE ,” another wrote.

Teresa Giudice Previously Talked About How She Randomly Met Luis Ruelas

Luis Ruelas Teresa Giudice

BravoLuis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice.

RHONJ fans know that Giudice met Ruelas a year after her divorce from her first husband, Joe. In 2021, a source told Us Weekly that Giudice met Ruelas “randomly” near the  “very end of summer at the Jersey Shore” and they exchanged phone numbers.

Giudice confirmed the story in an interview with Extra. “We met, believe it or not, at the Jersey shore,” she told the outlet. “I was walking, and that’s how I met him, exercising.”

“He ran past me that week a few times… And he ran past me with no shirt on,” she added. “And I was like, ‘Oh, who is that?’”

Giudice revealed that she stopped to talk to Ruelas when she was walking with a friend and that he gave his business card to both her and her married pal before leaving.

“All of a sudden, he drives up to us in the car. He said, ‘Teresa, my son wanted to know why I didn’t ask for your number,'” she revealed. “I said, ‘I have your business card. I’ll text you.’ My girlfriend took my phone and was like, ‘I’m texting him right now.'”

Giudice revealed that she ended up talking on the phone with Ruelas later that night for hours, and the rest is history.

The RHONJ star told People that Ruelas loves the beach as much as she does. “We like the same things. He’s beautiful inside and out,” Giudice said. “Me and my ex, we didn’t like the same things. We were two opposites. … But now I’ve found my true match — my soulmate. He’s really amazing.”

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