Teresa Giudice Reveals Heartbreaking Regret About Her Mom

Teresa Giudice

Getty Images Teresa Giudice opened up about her parents on her podcast.

Teresa Giudice lost both of her parents to sickness. Her mom, Antonia Gorga, died in March 2017 at the age of 66 after coming down with pneumonia.

“My mother, she fought really hard. But the pneumonia was too hard for her. My mom, she was just the most caring, loving mom ever. And she only cared about my brother, me, and my dad. She was an amazing woman. She was pretty amazing,” Giudice said on an episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” according to People magazine.

Three years later, Giudice’s dad, Giacinto Gorga, died.

“My father, my protector, my hero, God took you early this morning to be with mommy, I saw you peacefully pass & I know you kept fighting for my daughters and I. I have so many amazing thoughts of you, every day seeing you in the kitchen at my home, teaching my girls to cook, my partner in crime on shopping trips, your love of the shore & my travel buddy. You always wanted everyone to have a good time, eat great food, have a stiff drink and enjoy life,” Giudice wrote on Instagram, according to People. The post seems to have been deleted in the time since.

On the September 21, 2022, episode of the “Namaste B$tches” podcast, Giudice revealed her biggest regret when it comes to her parents.

Here’s what you need to know:

Giudice Wishes She Had Taken More Pictures With Her Mom

Giudice was extremely close to both of her parents. While they did spend a lot of time together, she admits that she was always super busy because she had four young daughters. Of course, Giudice never expected her parents to die so young and when she thinks about them, she does have one regret — especially when it comes to her mom.

“My mom was such an angel. She lived for her family,” Giudice said. “I wish I would have had more time with my mom, which sucks. So, that’s why, anybody out there, take lots of pictures with both parents because I always took so many pictures with my dad because I thought my dad was going to go first… and then my mom goes before my dad,” she continued.

“Don’t take anything for granted. Take lots of pictures with your parents. I wanted more pictures with my mom. I wanted more time with my mom. Like, I wanted to have more conversations with her. And it’s like I was always busy running around with the kids, cuz I had four kids. I had a lot going on. And, it was like, there was just not enough time in the day,” she added.

“When they would come over, it was always crazy. I just wanted more time with my mom to talk and hang out and just chill,” she said.

Giudice Talked About Feeling Her Parents’ Presence at Her Wedding

When Giudice married Louie Ruelas on August 6, 2022. She walked herself down the aisle, but recalled feeling the presence of both of her parents. In addition, she talked about the different signs that she and others witnessed that made her believe that both of her parents were with her on her special day.

“There’s so many signs,” Giudice said. She said that there was an eagle flying overhead at the wedding and then a big “A” in the clouds above her, which she believes was an “A” for her mom’s name.

Giudice mentioned something similar in the caption of a photo of her father earlier this year.

“Papa I Miss you so much. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel you in some way. Thank you for always being here for me and my girls! We Love you & miss you beyond words,” she captioned an Instagram post in June 2022.

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