Fans React After Louie Ruelas Shares a Pic of Teresa Giudice in Negligee

Teresa Giudice.

Getty Images Fans react after Louie Ruelas shared a picture of Teresa Giudice on her wedding day.

Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas exchanged vows on August 6, 2022, in New Jersey. The couple was surrounded by close family and friends and have Bravo cameras in tow for a wedding special that will air at a later date.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars’ wedding was one of the most talked about events in franchise history. Although this was the second wedding for Giudice, she went all out. From her dress to the flowers, and everything in between, people couldn’t get enough of the wedding details.

One of the most talked about things was Giudice’s hair, which was curled high up in a sizable crown. A lot of people also talked about Giudice’s wedding gown, which was designed by Mark Zunino.

Giudice had another dress that she changed into for the reception and she even took some photos wearing some special negligee. One of those pics was shared by Ruelas on Instagram weeks after the wedding — and fans are reacting.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Social Media Users Are Sick of Ruelas & Giudice’s Posts

On August 30, 2022, Ruelas shared a picture of Giudice in which she posed on a settee wearing a white nightgown complete with embroidery. The long train was trimmed out in what looked like white feathers and it matched the adornment at the wrist of the long-sleeve robe.

“My queen,” Ruelas captioned the picture, which appears to have been taken before Giudice got into her wedding dress and walked down the aisle.

“I love you my love,” Giudice wrote in the comments section. The post received a lot of positive feedback with fans saying that Giudice looked “gorgeous” but there were some unhappy people who thought the photo — and the constant posting about the relationship — was too much.

“Please stop. You are not 15. Take a page from Joe and Melissa’s book,” one person wrote.

“You are kidding? The two of you have lost your minds. You are king and queen because you are on a reality tv show where you humiliate yourselves?” someone else said.

“For the love of God, STOP,” a third Instagram user added.

“Boring…..enough of the wedding pics…we all know your married and how much you love each other…ffs you’re not the only couple in the world who is in love love love…move on and talk about something more worthwhile,” a fourth critical comment read.

RHONJ Fans Criticized Giudice & Ruelas’ Honeymoon Photos

After tying the knot, Giudice and Ruelas jetted to Europe for one of the most romantic honeymoons. The newlyweds spent time in Greece and Italy, relaxing on the beach, eating local fare, and listening to music.

Both Giudice and Ruelas shared photos and videos from their vacation, but RHONJ fans had very mixed reactions to the posts. On August 29, 2022, Giudice shared a photo of her and her husband having “dinner by the sea” in Mykonos. It didn’t take long for people to fill up the comments section and criticize the reality stars.

“Lay off the bronzer,” one person suggested.

“Seriously put the camera down for 1 day of your life,” someone else wrote.

“Aren’t your kids starting school soon?….. go home and be with them!!!” a third Instagram user added.

“Your lips are overwhelming your face,” a fourth chimed in.

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