Fans Think Teresa Giudice Is Going to Quit RHONJ

Getty Images There are rumors that Teresa Giudice will quit RHONJ.

Rumors are swirling that Teresa Giudice is planning on quitting “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

The reality star, who has appeared on RHONJ since its inception, hasn’t had the easiest season 12 so far. And while the season has only been airing for a few weeks, some fans think that Giudice is on her way out.

Giudice ended up fueling the rumors after she “liked” an Instagram post suggesting that she quit the show.

“I actually wish Teresa would quit just to watch it sink faster than the Titanic with those who are left. After watching last night’s episode, Tre is clearly fed up with her life and the sh** in it being the only thing that is ever discussed. F*** the rest of the cast [to be honest],” the post read, according to a screenshot shared on the CommentsByBravo Instagram Stories.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Think Giudice Will Leave Because of Her Fiance

Season 12 is really the first time that RHONJ fans are getting to see Giudice with her fiance Luis Ruelas, who has officially joined the Jersey House Husbands as part of the cast. However, after a strange video of Ruelas surfaced in which he is shirtless on beach with a group of men, professing an apology — and his love — for his ex, many people have questions.

Giudice hasn’t been very open to talking about the video — or allowing Ruelas to explain — and now that her relationship is being questioned, some fans think that she’ll walk away from the show.

“I’ve seen a few different places say that Teresa’s gonna quit the show to protect her relationship with Luis. I never thought I’d say the day she’d leave it behind by choice but after last night’s episode I wouldn’t be shocked,” one Redditor wrote on the platform, kicking off a new thread.

“She seems completely uninterested this season. She’s hardly even on. She’s a friend this season, at best,” added another.

“I love Teresa, and she seems genuinely happy with Luis. If the show is going to tear them apart, or if the other cast members are going to continuously talk shit about him for no damn reason, she should quit,” a third person commented.”

Other Fans Don’t Think Giudice Will Give Up Her Paycheck

It’s no secret that Giudice makes a good chunk of money from Bravo, and walking away from RHONJ would certainly make a dent in her wallet, which is why some fans don’t think she would ever quit the show.

“I seriously doubt that Tre would give up her ca$h cow for anything. And then what? She fades into oblivion?” one Reddit user commented on the aforementioned thread.

“What does she have without the show?” questioned another.

“I don’t think she’ll ever leave…this is her show,” a third person added.

There has also been some chatter amongst fans that Giudice would leave RHONJ in favor of getting her own show with her four girls.

“I think she would only leave if she could have her own show. She needs that pay cheque,” one Redditor suggested.

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