Teresa Giudice Teases Feud on ‘Real Housewives All-Stars’

Teresa Giudice

YouTube/Bravo Teresa Giudice.

It looks like some tables might be flipped during the upcoming “Real Housewives All-Stars” series.

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice revealed that she didn’t exactly get along with “Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer while filming the upcoming spinoff. Giudice revealed that she had some “words” with Singer.

“She does mix up her words like I do, and sometimes she says the craziest things,” Giudice said while speaking with Us Weekly. “Like, [stuff] will come to her mind right away, and that’s what I do too, so I feel like we do have that in common, but it’s not going to be too much.”

However, despite the drama, Giudice did enjoy filming the special. “I was so happy I was a part of it, and it was amazing,” the star told the outlet. “I feel like everyone’s going to get to know more of who Teresa Giudice really is. All the other years I feel like I’ve been attacked, and that’s what happens I guess when you’re the OG. Everyone wants to take you down. But I feel like this trip was different and even the reunion, I feel like everyone is going to start to get to know the real Teresa. I always had to be in defense mode, and if people are coming after me, of course, I have to defend myself — anybody would.”

“Real Housewives All-Stars” is set to air later this year on NBC’s new streaming platform, Peacock, and featured eight different women across the different “Housewives” franchises.

Giudice Got Along Well With Another ‘Housewives’ Star

Even though Giudice may not have meshed well with Singer, she revealed to Us Weekly that she formed a friendship with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore during the trip.

“We did work together once, and she did say that when we worked together, we did bond,” Giudice said about the star. “She did tell me. She’s like, ‘I felt connected from you ever since the first time I met you,’ and we talked. We got really close. She lives in Atlanta, I live in [New Jersey]. It’s hard, but it was nice. It was great seeing her. It’s amazing how you can connect with someone, and then you see how it plays out on the show.”

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