Teresa Giudice Takes Back What She Said About Melissa Gorga

Teresa Giudice

Bravo Teresa Giudice has changed her mind about family feud.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice gave an update on her ongoing family feud with her brother, Joe Gorga, and sister-in-law, Melissa.

The family members are currently estranged following filming for a rocky season 13, which has yet to play out for fans. In the RHONJ Season 13 trailer, Giudice was seen blaming her sister-in-law for always wanting to keep her and her brother apart — “She got her wish!” Giudice said in the trailer –but in a new interview, she admitted she changed her tune about Melissa after binge-watching seasons 3 through 12 of the Bravo reality show for the first time.

“I take that back,” Giudice told Entertainment Tonight in a February 2023 video interview. “It was both of them.”

Teresa Giudice Revealed She Was Hurt By What She Saw Her Brother Say About Her When She Started Watching Back Old RHONJ Episodes

In November 2022, Giudice told the “Scheananagins with Scheana Shay” podcast that she never watched RHONJ episodes once the Gorgas joined the cast, but she decided to watch them for the first time in 2022.

In the ET interview, Giudice revealed that she was stunned when she saw her brother talk about her in the first episode he appeared in after joining the RHONJ cast in season 3.

“My brother calls me garbage — the first episode that aired of season 3,” she said. “And I guess I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ I was like, ‘Wow, that hurts,’ because it’s like, this is my brother. We were best friends growing up.”

Giudice said she and her only sibling “weren’t raised that way” by their late parents, Giacinto and Antonia.

“I don’t know you know what happened, “ she said. “I guess when people want to be famous, they’ll do anything, which is sad. And I guess people like a paycheck, you know? And they will throw anybody under [the bus] to get what they want, which is really sad. … I just never thought my family would do that to me ever, in a million years.”

Giudice revealed that she has not spoken to her brother or sister-in-law since filming the RHONJ finale in August 2022, and that she has no plan to as she focuses on healing.

Teresa Giudice Previously Said She Was ‘Mortified’ After Seeing What Her Brother & His Wife Said About Her on the Show

On Shay’s podcast, Giudice admitted she was “blindsided” by what she saw when she screened the old RHONJ episodes.

“Now that I’m watching the show I see things that my brother and Melissa said about me,“ she said in late 2022. “I’m like mortified. It’s like so heartbreaking, so heart-wrenching, so sad that my own family could be talking like this about me.”

Giudice also addressed the situation on her own pod, “Namaste B$tches.”  In November 2022, she revealed that after she started watching the shows he was “so upset” seeing “everything that my brother’s saying, and my sister-in-law.”

Giudice also revealed that when she questioned her brother about his comments about her and her then-boyfriend Luis Ruelas, he brushed it off by saying he was only kidding.

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