Fans Blast Teresa Giudice After ‘Ridiculous & Sad’ Wedding Toast Leaked

Teresa Giudice.

Getty Images Teresa Giudice's wedding looks have some similarities.

Fans are furious with Teresa Giudice after footage of her wedding toast was leaked on social media.

On August 6, 2022, Giudice married Luis Ruelas, but quickly the news of her nuptial was marred by the news of her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga’s absence from the big day.

Here’s what you need to know:

Teresa Giudice Toasted to ‘Chosen Family’ After Rumors That Joe & Melissa Gorga Got Into a ‘Blowout Fight’

A video of Giudice and Ruelas’s wedding toast began circulating on social media and she appears to be shading her brother and sister-in-law for not showing up.

“I want to thank all my friends that came out here from all different states in the country, all my business partners, my family, Teresa, your friends, your family, new friends, old friends, friends that resurfaced,” Ruelas said into the microphone. Giudice then interrupted to say, “Chosen family!”

Rumors are swirling that there was a falling out between Melissa and Giudice while filming the RHONJ reunion and some reports even say Melissa was caught kissing a man who wasn’t her husband.

None of the parties have acknowledged the rumor publicly but a source told Us Weekly that a fight over the rumor is ultimately what kept the Gorga’s from attending the wedding.

“Joe and Melissa made a last-minute decision to not attend Teresa’s wedding after a blowout fight,” the source told the outlet. “Melissa was blindsided by the ‘rumor’ that was revealed [at the time]. That’s when things escalated and got out of control.”

Teresa Slammed for ‘Cold’ Toast Aimed to Shade Joe & Melissa Gorga’s Absence From Wedding

Fans were not happy to hear the comments that Giudice made at her wedding and was quick to express those feelings on social media.

“Chosen Family No class AND bad hair on her wedding day. SAD! #badhairday,” someone wrote.

“Thats sad her brother didnt come to wedding … especially since her parents are not there,” a fan said.

“She couldn’t choose her blood family because they know who she really is but she really is so now she’s going to adopt her husband’s family because they don’t know what they’re getting into,” a commenter pointed out.

“Very sad. Joe and Melissa have had her back and stood by her side, and after all these years she still doesn’t acknowledge that. She can’t grasp the big picture ever. ‘Chosen family’ is such a rude thing to say in there absence and her parents would be ashamed,” a fan wrote.

“I’m sorry but they are both so phony! She looks ridiculous & it’s sad how she craves attention! @teresagiudice needs to grow up! Hope she was wise enough to make him sign a prenup!” another fan commented.

“Wow how could she say that ‘Chosen Family’ that’s cold,” someone said.

“Chosen family bc her real family sees right through her BS,” a fan pointed out.

“You don’t deserve your only surviving brother. You will be alone in this world one day cuz Louie will be gone soon,” someone said.

“Oh well Teresa you’ve made your bed, now lie in it!” a fan wrote.

“I’m glad the Gorgas didn’t go. She’s been terrible to them for years,” someone else pointed out.

“Very sad situation,” a fan wrote.

“Family? She was terrible again to Joe and Melissa so her ONLY blood family was not there,” someone else said.

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