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On March 28, “The Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Nepola’s husband Todd Nepola took to Instagram to issue a public apology to a fellow RHOM spouse, Anthony Lopez, after Nepola made insulting comments about Lopez’s law firm on RHOM season 5.

Nepola posted a video to his Instagram in which he read from a letter he was sending to Lopez, Dr. Nicole Martin’s fiancé, which said, “Anthony, please accept my sincere apologies for wrongly mentioning your company on TV in a derogatory way. Not only did I have no right to mention your firm, I had no knowledge about the company. It was just a stupid and uncalled-for comment.”

He said reality TV brought out the “ugly” side of him and said he hoped the two would be able to move past it. Nepola then said he was also sending flowers and chocolates with the letter in a non-sarcastic, humorous way. As viewers might recall, Nepola yelled at Lopez during their argument, “You’re gonna send a grown a** man flowers and chocolates, what’s wrong with you?”

After reading from the letter, Nepola addressed the camera directly and said because he’d publicly insulted Lopez and his firm, it required a public apology. He said that after that scene, the two men were actually fine and moved on from it. That said, Nepola explained that watching it unfold on TV made him realize that Lopez is still owed an apology, as well as “everyone who works for him and all the vendors affiliated with him,” Nepola added. “I was wrong.”

Lopez replied to Nepola’s video in the comments, writing, “No hard feelings, Todd. I truly appreciate the sentiment; although unnecessary, it was well received (as were the flowers and chocolates).” Martin also commented, “Happy to put this one behind us.”

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Todd Nepola Slammed Anthony Lopez During a Dinner With Some of the RHOM Cast in Season 5

The argument between the men took place in RHOM season 5 when some of the cast members and their husbands attended a “gringo dinner.” The event included Alexia and Todd Nepola, Nicole Martin and Lopez, Marysol Patton and her husband Steve McNamara, and Guerdy and Russell Abraira.

The group began arguing about a meeting the housewives attended with a lawyer in which Alexia Nepola accused Martin of wasting the lawyer’s time by asking a question that wasn’t related to his area of expertise. In response, Martin went to her purse and took out a Black American Express card and said she’d pay for the meeting herself, which Nepola then said was disrespectful.

While arguing about what went down, Lopez said he and Martin were going to send the lawyer some flowers and chocolates, which got Todd Nepola heated. The group began arguing as Todd Nepola said that would be a “condescending” move and that’s when he insulted Lopez’s career and law firm.

Other Husbands, Including Frank Catania, Have Commented on Todd Nepola’s Apology

Nepola’s move got some compliments from other men in the “Real Housewives” universe, namely RHONJ stars Frank Catania and Luis Ruelas. Catania commented, “Bro, I said it before, and I will say it again, you are a classic and a standup guy. I am proud to call you a friend.”

Ruelas wrote, “This is one of the classiest things I’ve ever witnessed by a man!! #leader.” Meanwhile, Ruelas’ son Louie Jr. commented, “A real man can recognize where he went wrong and apologize #realman.”

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