Tom Girardi Accused of Faking Assisted Living Pics

Bravo Tom Girardi.

Tom Girardi has been no stranger to controversy, and this latest outing is no different.

Girardi is facing serious allegations of embezzlement and fraud, and he was recently photographed checking into an assisted living facility after being diagnosed with dementia. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne filed for divorce in November 2020, and Girardi’s legal battles began later that year in December 2020.

Girardi and his law firm, Girardi Keese, were forced into involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy in December 2020, per The Los Angeles Times. Prior to that, a federal lawsuit accused Girardi of embezzling “millions” of dollars owed to his past clients, including “orphans and widows.”

The Daily Mail captured photos of Girardi “checking in” to Belmont Village Senior Living in Burbank, California earlier this month on August 23. In the photos, as seen above, Girardi was wearing a long-sleeve purple sweater over a blue collared shirt. He was also wearing a pair of oversized baggy khaki pants.

Shortly after the photos of Girardi went public, many fans began to wonder how legitimate Girardi’s actions were. Attorney Ronald Richards tweeted on August 24, “No bags, scripted photo opp., ‘exclusive’ story, no notice, something isn’t adding up. We should have an update by tomorrow. #girardifraud Stay tuned…”

One fan replied, “The kicker for me? The OBVIOUS standing outside the facility…making sure to take his mask down to show, ‘See? It’s ME!'” Another tweeted, “That’s what I was going to say. Stands there by himself, mask down, with a weak, confused look. Pluh-eese.” Another added, “just seems so staged & fake, like they are going by a time line of when things are going to happen!!”

It’s Not the First Time Fans Have Called Out Girardi for Photos

Earlier this month on August 2, Girardi was spotted for the first time in more than a year. Page Six photographed Girardi going in and out of his car, but many were quick to point out the differences in his appearance.

The former lawyer had what appeared to be a bruised left eye while wearing an oversized light blue polo and khaki shorts. Girardi also seemed to have lost weight, and a woman was helping him walk in some of the photos captured by Page Six.

But many fans saw the photos and wondered about Girardi’s intentions. “He has been so dishonest that it’s hard to know if these are legitimate photos or if they were staged to protect the conservatorship and elicit sympathy for TG,” one fan tweeted. Another tweeted, “Wow, being a thieving liar really ages a man.”

Jayne Revealed That Girardi’s Health Had Been Getting Worse

Girardi is 82-years-old, but Jayne recently opened up about his declining health during one of the latest RHOBH episodes. She shared with the ladies that she asked him to see doctors for his health, but he refused. She also shared that in 2017, Girardi got into a serious car accident that left him unconscious for 12 hours.

Robert Girardi (his brother) filed for conservatorship on July 12 and has since become his brother’s conservator. The conservatorship was based on his dementia diagnosis, which is a “major neurocognitive disorder,” according to court documents obtained by Us Weekly on July 13.

The Daily Mail reported that Girardi’s new home will have the outlets to help him. “The facility has staff available 24/7, and boasts community chef-prepared dining with 24 daily choices of meals. Costing for the facility depends on the room type and level of care that is required,” the outlet reported.

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