PHOTOS: Tom Girardi Is Barely Recognizable in New Pics at Assisted Living Facility

Bravo Tom Girardi.

Paparazzi caught up with former “Real Housewives” husband Tom Girardi, snapping the first photos of him since news broke that he has been disbarred in the state of California. According to Us Weekly, the 82-year-old “did not contest the decision,” which was made on August 20.

Girardi, who is facing serious allegations of embezzlement and fraud, is currently living in an assisted living facility after being diagnosed with dementia. His soon-to-be ex-wife, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne, filed for divorce in November 2020, according to People magazine.

The former lawyer is also being sued by his business partners, according to People magazine, and he has since filed for bankruptcy. Girardi has only been seen a handful of times since these serious legal matters began. The last time paparazzi were able to snap photos with him, he had a black eye.

Here’s what you need to know:

Girardi Was Photographed Outside at an Assisted Living Facility in Burbank, California

In new photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Girardi was barely recognizable as he was seen standing outside of Belmont Village Senior Living in Burbank, California, on the day that he was “checking in” to the facility.

Girardi was seen wearing a lavender hued, long-sleeved sweater over a blue collared shirt, and a pair of baggy khaki pants. He had a face mask around his chin, which he could be seen tugging at in one photo. In the other photo, Girardi stood with both hands in the pockets of his trousers.

Girardi moved out of his lavish Beverly Hills mansion following this bout of legal trouble that could see him behind bars if he’s convicted. The assisted living facility isn’t cheap, of course, likely running him upwards of $4,500 per month, according to the Daily Mail.

“The facility has staff available 24/7, and boasts community chef-prepared dining with 24 daily choices of meals. Costing for the facility depends on the room type and level of care that is required,” the outlet reports.

Attorney Ronald Richards Called the Pictures a ‘Scripted Photo Opp’

Attorney Ronald Richards took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the newly released photos of Girardi, and suggested that this was a “scripted photo [opportunity].” As Richards points out, Girardi did not have any bags with him on the day that he was supposedly “checking in” to the facility.

Several Twitter users who have apparently been following Girardi’s case commented on Richards’ tweet, one even suggesting that he’s the person who leaked the photos to the press.

“Oh you definitely leaked that story to Page Six. You are the only attorney from the bankruptcy case talking about it,” one tweet read.

I’m noticing even the faded colors he wears jarringly mismatch. It really seems off,” read another tweet in response to Richards’ post.

“The kicker for me? The OBVIOUS standing outside the facility…making sure to take his mask down to show, ‘See? It’s ME!'” a third Twitter user commented.

“… just seems so staged [and] fake, like they are going by a time line of when things are going to happen,” added a fourth.

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