Ubah Hassan Says RHONY Co-Star Lied: ‘Watch the Reunion’

The cast of RHONY season 14.

Getty The cast of RHONY season 14.

“Real Housewives of New York City” star Ubah Hassan addressed her heated interaction with Erin Lichy during the production of season 14, episode 10, on social media.

During a cast trip to the Caribbean, Lichy was determined to get Hassan back after she unexpectedly grabbed her, making her fall in the resort’s private pool. Lichy secretly took Hassan’s phone for 45 minutes, upsetting the model. The following morning, Lichy expressed frustration when she overheard Hassan saying her name because her castmates were waiting for her to go to their next destination. The real estate agent told her “to stop saying [her] name when [she is not] around.” Hassan responded by stating she “did not say [Lichy’s] name,” and proceeded to remove her sunglasses. Hassan also repeatedly stated that she was unhappy with Lichy’s decision to keep her phone. 

Reality Blurb reported that Hassan commented on how she acted toward Lichy in a series of September 18 Instagram Stories. The reality television star replied to a fan who inquired, “Why are you such a hot head about your phone? [You’re] the one who left it in the car in the first place.” Hassan initially quipped, “Well, you know us redheads always bringing the heat!” She proceeded to reveal the reason she was upset with Lichy and encouraged viewers to tune into the show’s upcoming reunion, which was filmed in September 2023. 

“The phone was the seed of it all,” responded Hassan. “But she [screams] at me and told me not to mention her f***** name, even though I was [quiet] the whole day and didn’t talk to her about my phone to her the whole day. Then, she proceeded to lie about something (watch the reunion).”

Ubah Hassan Spoke About Her Argument With Erin Lichy in August 2023 

Hassan mentioned her issues with Lichy in an August 2023 interview with Entertainment Tonight. The reality television star noted that she was unable to calm down after she discovered Lichy had taken her phone after returning from a restaurant. 

“We’re in the same house and I think I mentioned her name or something, and she said, ‘Don’t mention my name,’ and I said, ‘Oh, you are here?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, don’t ever mention my name again,’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, this is not going to work,’” explained the 40-year-old. “’This is not going to work. You don’t talk to me like that.’ And, yeah, then I just saw black for, like, nine hours. It was so long. It was so long. It was so long. It was so f***** long. I didn’t know how to shut up.” 

The RHONY personality went on to say that she has difficulty masking her feelings when she is upset. 

“I don’t pretend. Like, I don’t know how to be like, ‘I’m mad at you! Da da da da da’ and then I’m like, ‘OK, now we’re friends.’ I’m about to bury you. Like, we’re doing a funeral, you know? So it takes a long time for me to calm down. That’s why I don’t get mad,” stated Hassan. 

The Bravo star also clarified that she is currently friendly with Lichy.

“I love Erin, we’re friends, we made up. I don’t hold grudges,” shared Hassan. 

Ubah Hassan Does Not Believe Her Co-Stars ‘Go Below the Belt’

Hassan briefly discussed the drama between her and Lichy during an August 2023 appearance on “New York Live.” She suggested she would not have been as upset at her co-star if they were not such close friends.

“Let me just clarify, we do really love each other and nobody gets me that way, if I don’t care about someone,” said Hassan. 

The model also stated that despite their occasional arguments, she does not believe her castmates ever “go below the belt.” 

“I don’t believe that at all. They really don’t,” asserted the RHONY star. 

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