Vicki Gunvalson Claims RHONY Alum ‘Is An Absolute Liar’

Vicki Gunvalson

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Former Bravo personalities Vicki Gunvalson and Dorinda Medley will star in the second season of “Real Housewives The Ultimate Girls Trip,” available to watch on June 23, 2022. The Peacock show’s filming location was Dorinda’s Blue Stone Manor, which was purchased by her late husband, Richard H. Medley. According to Page Six, Gunvalson asserted that the Berkshire estate was “old” and “in the middle of nowhere” during a June 8 Instagram Live interview.

Dorinda did not appreciate the remark and commented on her “RHUGT” co-star’s choice of romantic partners while recording a June 10 episode of her podcast, “Make It Nice.” She mentioned that Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, fabricated his medical history, stating, “you may not like my life, but I also don’t date people that pretend to have cancer, you know what I mean?” She then noted that the “RHOC” alum’s former fiance, Steve Lodge, 63, is now married to a 37-year-old named Janis Carlson. 

“I also don’t date men that then leave you for women that are half their age. You wanna get mean, I’ll get mean,” stated the 57-year-old.

While speaking to Page Six, Dorinda claimed that Gunvalson has been excessively messaging her.

“I have hundreds and hundreds of texts from her, but I don’t really respond. She not only wrote 100 texts, she left me a very long voicemail. But I don’t do that. Listen, once I clap back, I go silent,” stated Dorinda. 

The publication reported that Gunvalson took to the comments section of a bravohousewives Instagram post that reported on her “RHUGT” castmate’s Page Six remarks to refute the accusations. 

“She is an absolute liar. I don’t have time to text anyone 100 texts. Don’t flatter yourself @dorindamedley,” asserted the mother of two

Vicki Gunvalson Spoke About The Texts

During a June 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, alongside her “RHUGT” co-star Tamra Judge, Gunvalson discussed her ongoing issues with Dorinda. She asserted that she said the Blue Stone Manor “is a beautiful home” but “wouldn’t work for [her].” The 60-year-old also claimed that she only sent “four to six” text messages to the “RHONY” alum. Judge then read some of Gunvalson’s text messages, wherein she chastised Dorinda for bringing up Ayers. 

“So Vicki says ‘you have no idea the torment and money I went through with Brooks, shame on you.’ She didn’t stop there ‘leave me out of your b******* press, you have zero knowledge of who I am, okay I have four houses, my own business for 32 years and no one gifted me anything, go away,'” read Judge. “And she didn’t stop there, maybe not thousands, but we’re still going, ‘you made everyone miserable at your home also you may want to re-listen to my interview, I never said anything about bad about your home or you. I said if you are happy that’s all that matters. I also said it’s old and in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t work for me, whether it’s historic or not it’s still old!'”

The Vena CBD co-founder went on to say that her former “RHOC” co-star told Dorinda to “get in control of her temper.” Vicki then asserted that she does not plan on mending her relationship with the former “RHONY” star. She also claimed that the “Make It Nice” author “made everyone cry” during the production of “RHUGT” season 2. 

Dorinda Medley Spoke About Filming ‘RHUGT’ on Her Property 

During a June 19 episode of “Make It Nice,” Dorinda discussed filming “RHUGT” season 2 on her property. She shared that she was grateful for the opportunity but found the experience taxing. She explained that she did not realize “how many people were involved” in the production of the series and shared that there were “over 100 people from Peacock.” The mother of one also noted that she was hosting seven former Bravo stars. 

“I never really had eight people stay in the place for eight days, well seven besides myself. And it was – you know, I get very engaged when people are here for a weekend, so if I have someone come on a Friday and leave on a Sunday, they leave Sunday at noon and I’m exhausted so you can imagine times that times all those girls and eight days and cameras and the whole thing,” stated the former “Real Housewives of New York City” star. 

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