Fans React to TMI Admission From Vicki Gunvalson at BravoCon

Vicki Gunvalson

Bravo Vicki Gunvalson revealed a lot at BravoCon

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson revealed some personal information at BravoCon.

While appearing at BravoCon on October 15, Gunvalson talked about massage “happy endings.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Vicki Gunvalson Says She Got Two ‘Happy Ending’ Massages: ‘And I Gave a Tip so I Sort of Paid for It!’

“Twice. It was interesting,” Gunvalson said according to People’s Dave Quinn when asked if she’d ever had a happy ending massage. “The first was in Orange County. I won’t say the name of the place. He was 6’5, stallion and of course you’re laying there naked in the back. And he asked me to go in the froggy position ….. And he was massaging my leg and then he went <swoop> [into her private parts] and he said, ‘Are you okay with that?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ … And then I went back every day, every week thereafter. It was a deep tissue massage. And I was single at the time! And I gave a tip so I sort of paid for it!”

She then explained the second time.

“The second one was in Cabo. He did the same swoop thing,” she said.

According to Urban Dictionary, a happy ending is defined as “When a massouse feels inclined to finish your session w/ oral sex or manual release (usually for an extra twenty dollars)”

The fans were shocked by her admission, and many replied with surprised or embarrassed GIFs.

Some fans were bothered by the story.

“Ummmmm. He did it before he asked?? I dunno how to feel about this…..” someone replied. 

“This story is awful. No consent conversation — this was assault that worked out ok. Jesus,” a fan pointed out.

Another fan pointed out the legalities of this.

“Not to be a bummer, but isn’t that illegal in the US?” someone wrote. 

According to Pride Legal, massage parlors that offer “happy ending” massages are against the law.

“Within recent years, California strengthened its prostitution laws in response to a rising rate of prostitution throughout the state,” the outlet says. “Previously in California, prostitution was classified as a minor misdemeanor. Now, individuals accused of solicitation or prostitution can be charges with harsh felonies. California authorities are cracking down on massage parlors involved in illegal activity.”

But for the most part, people were just disturbed by the details.

“Damn I could’ve went my whole life not knowing this,” a fan tweeted.

“Not sure where America can go after reading this,” another person wrote. 

“Well on the bright side, I have zero appetite now. Intermittent fasting for me tonight,” someone joked.

“I feel vaguely nauseous. #ickyGunvalson,” a fan wrote.

Vicki Gunvalson Says Her ‘Biggest Regret’ Is Cheating on Donn Gunvason: ‘It Destroyed My Family’

While appearing at the “Right the Relationship” panel on October 14, Vicki spoke about her split from Donn Gunvalson for Brooks Ayers.

“I divorced my husband for Brooks [Ayers] and it’s the biggest regret I ever had,” Vicki said, according to People. “I will never, ever cheat again. It destroyed my family.”

Vicki and Donn split in 2014 after nearly 20 years of marriage. She split from Ayers after a lengthy cancer conspiracy in 2015.

“After much prayer, thought, counseling, and consideration, we have decided to end our four-year relationship,” the couple wrote on Vicki’s Facebook page. “We both wish nothing but a great future for each other.”

In January 2021, Vicki claimed her divorce was a result of the show.

“I did everything right, except falling prey to divorce. I mean, I think that hindsight, um, I know for a fact that if I wasn’t on a reality show, I wouldn’t have been divorced,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast with David Yontef. She also said the divorce “cost Don and I both a lot of money because we had to split assets and alimony and all that stuff. So I paid more to him than he did to me because I had the business. So that’s hurtful and that’s hard.”

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