VIDEO: Brandi Redmond’s Husband Seemingly Caught Cheating

NBCUMV Brandi Redmond

Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond has had a tough year, and unfortunately, it looks like it may not be getting better. The Bravo fan Instagram account @BravoAndCocktails posted a video of what appears to be her husband, Bryan Redmond, wrapping his arms around another woman and kissing her. The Instagram account noted in its Stories that the video was taken in a Las Vegas club in 2018.

Redmond’s family is now, “asking for privacy,” according to Entertainment Tonight. The outlet added that, “the family is not making any comment about the clip at this time.”

The Redmonds have been a staple on RHOD since the first season. Brandi and Bryan Redmond met in high school and eventually got married in 2003. The couple shares four kids together: 11-year-old Brinkley, 9-year-old Brooklyn, 2-year-old Bruin and 1-month-old Brilynn.

The two recently celebrated their 17-year wedding anniversary on September 27, 2020. “Oh how time flies when you’re having fun and making memories with the one you love,” Brandi Redmond wrote in a caption of the two wearing Dallas Cowboys jerseys. “Happy 17 yr anniversary babe. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Go Cowboys! Of course they would have a game today.”

RHOD Husband Cheating Rumors Began Earlier

Unfortunately, this cheating allegation isn’t the first. The popular podcast Call Her Daddy asked for follower questions awhile back when a RHOD husband got mentioned.

“Y’all, I f*cked a husband of the Real Housewives of Dallas,” host Alex Cooper reads from a fan. “So I met him and his friend at happy hour right down the street from where I work. He talked about his wife. His friend claimed to be divorced. Showed me pictures of their kids, everything.”

She continued reading, “The night goes on and they basically became my sugar daddies. I literally was handed a wine glass after wine glass at this super nice restaurant. And get this s*it! I am in the middle of them and they are both touching different legs under the table at this point. I was like holy f*ck! This is about to be a f*cking three-wau, are you kidding?”

The reader did not say the husband’s name, but she provided other details. “The night goes on,” she said. “More and more the divorced guy is showing more interest than the husband of the Housewife, so I was like okay, I’m here for it. Finally we ended up at this club. And then all of the sudden, somehow it’s just me and the Housewife’s husband. He hands me his phone, I pick a hotel, put his credit card number in it, and I have the best f*ck of my life pressed up against a window with the skyline view of downtown Austin. Thanks, Real Housewives!”

Fans Think Redmond’s Cryptic Post May Have Referred to Her Marriage, Not RHOD

The newly mom of four posted a photo of herself on February 21 with a cryptic caption. “Today I pray that life brings each of you happiness and in prayer John 10:28 kept calling me,” she wrote in the caption. “I prayed that the baggage of mistakes, feeling rejected, used and unworthy are no longer tied to anyones soul. I’m choosing to set myself free and lean into Jesus and I pray you’ll join me if you too have these desires. We are worth happiness, grace, love, compassion and so much more.”

She continued writing, “Stay strong and believe in yourself bc God always believes in you and is with you. I also want to thank you all for being apart of my journey these past few years. I have loved sharing my life with you but sometimes things come to an end. The best kind of ends are happy ending and I choose happiness. Sending you all my love and prayers.”

At the time, fans thought Redmond was referring to leaving RHOD, but now, fans think she may have been talking about her marriage. One fan commented under a post, “Is this why she seemingly announced she was leaving the show – maybe knowing this was coming out?”

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