RHOSLC Fans Confuse Co-Stars in IG Photo

Whitney Rose

Bravo Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose had fans doing a double take when she posted a recent photo on Instagram. The “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”  star posted a pic from a photoshoot for her Wild Rose Beauty line, and fans couldn’t get over her look.

In the photo, Rose wore a lace-topped negligee as she held what appeared to be a skin serum in one hand while leaning against a dresser. “Reposting this because I have always dreamed about owning my own skincare business. So if this is a dream, please don’t wake me up,” the Bravo star captioned the pic.

Several fans praised Rose for her business success, but other commenters couldn’t get past how much Rose looked like one of her RHOSLC co-stars in the photo — and for good reason.

Fans Confused Whitney Rose for Heather Gay in the Photo

In a Reddit thread, a fan posted a side-by-side of Rose’s new IG pic and a cast photo of her co-star Heather Gay. In the photos, both women have long blonde hair, similar bone structure and brows, and similar expressions on their faces.

In the title of the post, the Redditor noted that they “never saw any resemblance between these two before” and that the women “actually DO look like cousins now.”

Fans wasted no time in responding, with some referencing Gay’s Late Lake City-based Beauty Lab + Laser business as a common denominator.

“They both got the Beauty Lab special,” one commenter wrote.

“Beauty lab and laser 15 minute botox parking,” another agreed.

“I barely recognize Whitney. I actually thought it was Heather at first,” another commenter wrote.

“At first glance… I thought it was Heather too! Whitney looks so different here though,” another fan agreed.

“Would have never guessed this is Whitney,” wrote another commenter.

“I thought these were both pictures of Heather,” added another RHOSCL fan.

Whitney Rose & Heather Gay Are Actually Related

Heather Gay

NBCUMVHeather Gay from RHOSLC

While the photo comparisons caused a stir, the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” stars are actually blood-related. The family matter has been brought up in the past by the Bravo reality stars, but new viewers may not realize the connection between the co-stars.

According to My Family Genie, Rose, 35, and Gay, 40, are third cousins, descended from William Edward Robinson, who died in 1919, and Jane Chipman, who died in 1947. The late relatives were both children of original Latter-day Saints church pioneer Edward Robinson.

Gay also posted to Twitter to explain her relationship to Rose in simpler terms. “My great grandmother and Whit’s great grandfather are siblings,” she tweeted in 2020.

According to UPI, Rose and Gay didn’t know they were related until after they were already grown up and happened to be friends.

On an episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Rose revealed, “Heather and I actually — this is so Utah — didn’t find out we were cousins until we were friends. It was when her father died, we did our genealogy and are directly related,” the “Real Housewives of Salt lake City” star explained.

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