What Is ‘Rick and Morty Babies’ on Adult Swim Junior?

Rick and Morty Babies on Adult Swim Junior

Adult Swim Rick and Morty Babies on Adult Swim Junior

If you’re seeing something unusual on Adult Swim tonight, you’re not alone. Rick and Morty Babies just premiered on “Adult Swim Junior.” And in case you’re wondering, it’s Adult Swim’s newest April Fool’s joke.

‘Rick and Morty Babies’ Is an Adult Swim April Fool’s Joke

Rick and Morty Babies aired on both Adult Swim’s YouTube channel and on TV. It features toddler-voices speaking all the Rick and Morty lines from the episode Total Rickall. So no, it’s not a brand new episode. It’s a dubbed episode that many fans think is absolutely hilarious.

You can watch the video of Rick and Morty babies below. It’s currently airing on YouTube live as of the time of publication, and starts about 17 to 18 minutes into the live programming.

This is one of Adult Swim’s traditional April Fool’s jokes. The description on YouTube reads: “Watch [adult swim junior] at midnight ET/PT on your TVs.” Some people might not catch on that this is an April Fool’s joke since it’s not even April 1 yet in some time zones.

So no, you’re not going crazy and no, your hearing hasn’t suddenly changed.

One person on YouTube commented: “Just got done with my workout, sat down at my couch to eat some food, heard some kiddy voices, looked up to see Rick and Morty voiced by children. Started questioning if I worked out too hard or if I was going insane.”

The special dubbed episode did start with a new Rick and Morty Babies opening, so make sure you don’t miss that part. If you did, you can watch the intro again below.

Adult Swim rebranded its entire YouTube channel to be Adult Swim Junior for the joke. The Babies episode came after Adult Swim announced that Season 5 of Rick and Morty was going to return on June 20.

‘Rick and Morty’ Is Known for Its April Fool’s Jokes

Rick and Morty is known for its April Fool’s jokes. In 2017, Adult Swim aired the Season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty as a surprise for April Fool’s. (Some fans were hoping that might happen again this year.)

So while this was really exciting for Rick and Morty fans, it was actually devastating to Samurai Jack fans. They had expected a new episode in Season 5, but instead Rick and Morty aired. And they weren’t happy.

Then in 2018, Rick and Morty aired a non-canon episode called Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures. The episode was written and produced by Michael Cusack, not Justin Roiland or Dan Harmon. The parody did have canon references within it. According to the description on the video (which you can purchase from Adult Swim,) Rick and Morty in the Bush Dimension are actually named Reek and Mordi.

The description referred to the episode this way: “On this episode of the critically acclaimed show Bushworld Adventures, now celebrating its 10th season, we join our hero’s Reek and Mordi as they seek out the mysterious Green Cube of Bendigo. Will they succeed?”

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