‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Episode 1: Who Are Diane & Kyle?

Rick and Morty Season 5 (Adult Swim)

Adult Swim Rick and Morty Season 5

Rick and Morty” season 5 episode 1 was an outstanding episode and the perfect way to kick off the new season. But there were two interesting characters name-dropped during the episode that fans can’t stop talking about. Here’s what we know so far.

The Episode Confirmed that Rick’s Wife Was Named Diane

The new episode confirmed that Rick’s wife was named Diane when Mr. Nimbus name-dropped her during a conversation with Rick.

Prior to this, fans had heard that Rick’s wife was named Diane, but it wasn’t clear if this was a real memory or a manipulation by Rick. We first learned Diane’s name in the season 3 premiere, when Rick shared his origin story while imprisoned by the Galactic Federation. He later claimed his origin story was fake, but many fans have wondered whether or not that was really the case.

In the origin story that Rick later said was fake, his younger self was working on inventing a portal gun. Another dimension of himself showed up to give him the real thing, talking about all the great things he could do with the gun and how he’d be the smartest entity in the universe with it. Rick said, “Sounds lonely.”  He passed on the idea of being a god because he was a different kind of Rick.

When his wife Diane showed up, Rick said, “I don’t think this science thing is gonna pay off.” They decided to go out for ice cream instead, and the other dimension Rick showed up and killed them. After that, he invented the portal gun. You can rewatch that scene in the video below.

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 1: Rick's wife and child Beth2017-04-02T05:57:36Z

Then in season 3 episode 7, we learn all about Simple Rick. He gave up science because he realized the greatest thing he’d ever create was his daughter, Beth. He found complete happiness by living for his daughter. Sadly, he was captured by the Citadel and relives the memory, but his brain is used to add a flavor to the Simple Rick’s wafer candies. So his daughter Beth ended up without her dad anyway. Many fans pointed out that there were quite a few similarities between Rick’s “fake” origin story and Simple Rick’s memories.

Rick and Morty – Simple RickSeason 3. Episode 7. Come home to the impossible flavor of your own completion. Come home to Simple Rick's. Come home to the unique flavor of shattering the grand illusion. Come home to Simple Rick.2017-09-11T09:24:55Z

While we’re still not clear on how much of Rick’s origin story was true, we now know that Rick’s wife was named Diane. So there might be more truth to Rick’s story than fans realized.

Who Was Kyle?

Kyle is another person that Mr. Nimbus named and that fans want to know a lot more about. No, Kyle had not been a character in a previous episode, and this was indeed the first time that fans heard anything about him. Mr. Nimbus seemed to imply that Rick used to travel with someone named Kyle, perhaps before Morty’s time.

Fans are now wondering if Kyle was another sidekick of Rick’s from before Morty’s birth, or if it’s possible that there’s a dimension where Kyle was Rick’s grandson instead of Morty.

Here’s one comment on Reddit from a viewer about Kyle:

Could Kyle be a grandson or child from another family? So far, the show hasn’t given any clues about him aside from Mr. Nimbus’s brief mention. But viewers are already coming up with theories about who he could be.

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