‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Episode 2: Who’s the Real C-137 Rick?

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After the latest “Rick and Morty” episode, fans have a lot of theories about who the “original” Smith family is. Who’s the real C-137 Rick? Many fans say the answer is obvious once you get to the end of Season 5 Episode 2.

This article has major spoilers for Season 5 Episode 2 of “Rick and Morty.” 

Fans Say the Last Family Is the ‘Original’ Family

Many viewers are saying that the last family we saw at the end of the episode is the “real” C-137 Rick and the original family that created the first of all the decoys.

At the end of the episode, we saw Rick, Jerry, Morty, Beth, and Space Beth in Rick’s ship, returning after having an off-screen space adventure. That’s when they get a notice that a decoy family was killed. They were apparently the last to know, after most of the decoy families had wiped each other out.

This was also the family that was friends with Space Beth, making it most likely to be the original family that we followed last season.

On Reddit, one viewer wrote, “I think… Maybe, that last bit closed the loop. That our OG crew was out on a space adventure the whole time, and the OG crew only had a single decoy family. Hence the use of the words ‘someone killed THE decoy family’ at the very end. How or why tf Mr. Hunt Me was involved I am still confused.”

Viewers also pointed out that we were told early on in the episode that the decoys were limited to terrestrial adventures, meaning the original family had to be the one in space. Of course, this information came from a decoy, so can we trust it?

In fact, decoy Rick also said that the decoys couldn’t make decoys, which turned out to be wrong. So the decoys are certainly capable of transcending their programming at times. This means that the family simply being in space isn’t enough to conclude that they’re the real family. However, the fact that they were friends with Space Beth is probably viewers’ best clue that they are, indeed, the original family.

When one fan asked if the original Rick and his family were dead, another viewer wrote: “…it’s implied that our Rick and morty were the ones at the very end. It’s certainly possible the real family died, but probably not.”

Another viewer surmised that maybe the point of the episode is that it doesn’t even matter who the real Rick is.  They wrote: “I have to say even though I loved the episode I’m confused. Did we ever see the real Rick? Is there even a real Rick? Or is the point to show it doesn’t matter there are always more of them.”

Another viewer provided a longer explanation for this theory. They wrote: “I think the point of this episode is that the real Rick and Morty is just whichever one we happen to be following. Maybe it’s C-137 Rick and Morty. Maybe it’s not. We don’t know and for plot purposes it doesn’t really matter. I think that’s what they were going for.”

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