Sarah Palin Brushed Off Vice President Porno Parodies, Says Lisa Ann [LOOK]

Back in 2008, porn star legend, Lisa Ann starred in the 2008 American satirical pornographic film Who’s Nailin’ Paylin.

Lisa Ann Talks Basketball, Sports Broadcasting & More With Brandon "Scoop B" RobinsonActress, radio host, and podcaster Lisa Ann joins Heavy With Scoop B show to talk about the NBA bubble, her second act as a sportscaster after a career in the adult film industry, her new audio book, and more, with host Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson.2020-10-16T18:37:12Z

Directed by Jerome Tanner and produced by Hustler, the film spoofed former U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and spoofed Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Todd Palin and Bill O’Reilly.

Appearing on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show, I asked Lisa Ann about her Sarah Palin parodies.

Notes Below:

Lisa Ann On Sarah Palin parodies: 

“Hustler reached out to me to do it; and you know, I was very lucky because it was at a time where things were different. I wouldn’t get involved with anything that has to do with politics right now. People are WAY more heated and intense than they were when they came to Sarah Palin. It was very light-hearted and campy; you know, she kind of made it a little bit easy to find little catchy things that she would say, and Hustler reached out to me and asked me if I would do this project and of course at first, I wasn’t really keen on spoofing someone or somebody; that wasn’t a ‘thing’ yet. Then after Palin you know, then every porn is a spoof of a mainstream movie or a TV show and now it’s a big thing, these parodies. But at first, I was a little bit reserved – and it was the night of the VP Debate and it was that day that they contacted me and asked me and I said, “Well I’m leaving for a trip but, I’ll be packing…” and then I watched the debate and did a little more research on Sarah Palin and she just captivated me with the debate and I’m like, “Ok. I get it. I wanna do this!” It’s for Hustler which ties me in with a close relationship with Larry Flint, a man that I really respect; and it was just the adventures of it. When I went back and read that chapter you know, I got invited to travel all over the world as Sarah Palin – and I went to Finland, I went to Spain, I went to Greece… I went everywhere and did events and it was just a really fun 3-5 year wild ride of getting to go everywhere and do everything.”

Lisa Ann on commentary from Palin on spoof: 

“There were people who asked her like, during interviews; she always just brushed it off and ironically she’s a great follow on social media. So I’ll tell you right now… her Instagram is just – she’s a character…she’s challenging this woman right now, this senator from Alaska and the senator’s name is Lisa Murkowski; and when I saw this Instagram post I said to myself, “Man, what are the odds? Like, if I could put up a troll right now, what would I put this out? What if this woman’s middle name is Ann?…” so I go to this woman’s Wikipedia page and her name is Lisa Ann! And I’m talking to some people I know and I’m like, “Here we go again with this woman. Now she’s challenging a Lisa Ann!” [laughs] it was just comedy and it just writes itself. But it was just a different time and it was really fun to do and it allowed me to travel and just get a couple more years to add life in my life.

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