SPOILER: Fans Explode Over SATC Revival’s Major Plot Twist

Mr Big Death

YouTube Chris Noth appears in "And Just Like That."

The “Sex and the City” revival “And Just Like That” has fans in an uproar. But, before we get into the major plot twist at the beginning of the new series, this is your MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING!

Do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens on the first two episodes of the show.

Now that the spoiler warning is out of the way, let’s get into why you’ve all been warned.

Read on below and, if you’re a “Sex and the City” fan, brace yourself.

A Main Character Dies and It’s Not Samantha

And Just Like That | Lily Kills Big | [HD] | HBO Max | S01E01In this clip: Sarah Jessica Parker and Christopher David Noth. Dedicatee: Mr. Big/John James Preston (6 June 1998 – 9 December 2021). About this clip: Carrie Preston returns from The Manhattan School of Music, after attending Lily Goldenblatt's piano concert (once again not very positive for Carrie and Big). Her dexterous fingers on the keyboards…2021-12-09T14:48:33Z

Whether you were a fan of Carrie’s romance with Mr. Big on “Sex and the City” or not, he was the love of Carrie’s life. For the hopeless romantics, the two are very much together and still very in love at the beginning of “And Just Like That,” but by the end of the first episode, hearts are broken.

While Carrie is attending a recital for Charlotte’s daughter, Big suffers a heart attack at home after riding his peloton. He starts to feel pain in his left shoulder, drops his phone in the shower after turning on the water and falls to the floor. He’s unable to reach his phone and he sits slumped against the wall near the shower.

Carrie arrives home and finds Big on the floor, weak and sitting against the wall on the floor. She calls to him, “John?” He slowly looks up at her and Carrie realizes something is terribly wrong with her husband. She runs to him and holds him in her arms as he attempts to hold her as well.

A sobbing Carrie holds Big. Carrie’s voice is then overheard saying, “And just like that … Big died.”

This was, perhaps, not the happy ending fans had been hoping for. One viewer named Jasmine Mead wrote on Twitter, “I’m sorry WHHHHAAATTTTT Mr. Big just dies like that … IN THE FIRST F***ING EPISODE!!!!! I did not see that coming. Carrie could have called a fucking ambulance WTF!!!!! I am so shocked right now. #AndJustLikeThat.”

Another user wrote, “I don’t know if I want to carry on. Grief wasn’t what I bargained for from the get go. But then we’re all 20+ years older #AndJustLikeThat.”

If the blow of Mr. Big’s death wasn’t enough, fans also have to sit through his funeral in episode 2.

At the start of episode 2, Miranda runs to be by Carrie’s side as Big’s body is being taken away. Miranda stays the night and Carrie lays in bed with her, crying, remembering when she and Big first met.

Samantha and Carrie Had a Breakup

Samantha Jones is not in “And Just Like That,” but the show did not kill off the character. They do discuss the whereabouts of Samantha early on in the first episode. So, where is Samantha?

Samantha has moved to London and had a major falling out with Carrie. Carrie reveals she had expressed to Samantha that she no longer needed a book publicist and Samantha “fired her as a friend.” Samantha ghosted Carrie and wouldn’t respond to her calls or messages.

Some fans voiced on Twitter that they didn’t think the character Samantha would be so “petty”. One Twitter user named Sweetie Kandy wrote, “I don’t even think Samantha is that petty to not talk to Carrie. I would expect Samantha to be Carrie’s PR organizing all the influencer deals for her.”

Another user wrote, “The way the writers in #AndJustLikeThat are making Samantha seem like she was petty and using Carrie for money??????”

When Carrie arrives at Big’s funeral, there is an elaborate floral arrangement over his coffin and she says there weren’t supposed to be any flowers. She asks the funeral directors who they’re from and they had her a note that simply states, “Love, Samantha.” Carrie responds saying, “They can stay.” She later tells Charlotte and Miranda that the flowers were from Samantha.

The day after the funeral, Carrie texts Samantha, “Thank you.”

Do you think “And Just Like That” should have killed off Mr. Big?

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