Selena’s Father Now: Where Is Abraham Quintanilla Today?

Abrahama Quintanilla in Real Life Today, Selena's dad

Getty/Netflix Abrahama Quintanilla Jr. pictured in real life and on Netflix.

The “Queen of Tejano Music,” Selena Quintanilla Perez, was shot and killed in 1995. Now her father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., is the subject of Netflix’s new series, Selena. Selena’s dad is still alive today. Here’s what you need to know about where he is now and what he’s doing in real life.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Continues to Promote His Daughter’s Legacy

Selena parents and sister

GettySuzette Quintanilla speaks as Abraham and Marcela Quintanilla (L-R) listen during the “Selena Vive!” press conference February 3, 2005.

Abraham Quintanilla was a member of the original Los Dinos group in the 1960s, but Selena brought the new group to fame when it became Selena y Los Dinos, The New York Times reported. Selena once said about her dad making her the group’s lead: “I think he saw dollar signs.”

Selena’s sister, Suzette, was on the drums and her brother, Abraham Quintanilla III (or A.B. Quintanilla) was on the bass. But it was Selena who was the powerhouse that brought the group worldwide attention.

In 1997, Quintanilla was the executive producer of a biographical film about his daughter, where Edward James Olmos played the role of Quintanilla and Jennifer Lopez played the role of Selena.

Quintanilla often posts on Facebook, including this story below about how he used to have to hitchhike to find help when his band’s bus broke down.

He Founded Q Productions & Recently Finished a Book about Selena

Abraham Quintanilla founded Q Productions in the early 1990s, an entertainment company whose headquarters is in Corpus Christi, Texas. The company represents and promotes artists, along with producing videos and films. They also started The Selena Foundation in 1995, which accepted donations in Selena’s honor. Q Productions’ website now also heads the official Selena store and sells many products on its website. Abraham’s daughter, Suzette Quintanilla, is now CEO and President of Q Productions.

Because of COVID-19, Q Productions had to cancel Selena XXV, a Selena tribute concert that was supposed to take place this year.

Abraham Quintanilla is still working with artists and promoting them through Q Productions.

The family also oversees the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, which has Selena memorabilia including her costumes and collectibles. The museum is located inside Q Productions.

In February, he shared that he finished the last chapter of a book he was writing about Selena.

He wrote on Facebook: “The public might not be aware that there are about 21 unauthorized books written about Selena and none of the writers ever interviewed Selena. And I feel that the most ugly book was written by Telemundo’s Maria Celeste Ararras the woman for reasons which I can’t understand took sides with the woman who killed Selena. My family and I and Chris Perez know exactly what happened, as l mentioned non of the writers or even Maria Celeste ever interviewed Selena. I will release the book later this year.”

Latin Groove Music said about the book: “[It] is filled with hope, triumph, heartbreak, tragedy, and undying love. We will get to hear the complete story about Abraham Quintanilla, Los Dinos, Selena Y Los Dinos, and all the events that brought us to today, when we celebrate the life and the legacy of the beautiful and forever loved, Selena Quintanilla.”

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