ShakeGenie on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ShakeGenie Shark Tank


Entrepreneur Merrick Maxfield took his company and product, ShakeGenie, to the investors on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if he could score a deal from one of the investors in the Tank.

According to the episode synopsis, the entrepreneur from South Jordan, Utah, “hopes his idea for an at-home probiotic maker grows on the Sharks.”

The entrepreneur pitched his company to Sharks Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec.

Here’s what you should know about ShakeGenie on Shark Tank: 

1. Shake Genie, now Probiotic Maker, is a Yogurt & Probiotic Maker

Shake Genie is a device that takes milk and turns it into probiotic yogurt directly inside the jug.

The shelf-life of the yogurt is the same as the milk would have been, according to the company website’s FAQ.

Over time, the website says, that the probiotics will start dying off and then will no longer be fresh. Since factory yogurt is usually set to expire 40 days after they are made, the Shake Genie’s yogurt is no different.

2. The Idea Came After Maxfield’s Family Went Through Dozens of Yogurt Cups in Two Days

Merrick Maxfield’s family loves yogurt so much that they were going through it at a rate that was not sustainable.

According to the company website, the family went through 32 cups of yogurt in just two days. Since that was expensive, they decided to buy yogurt makers instead. That wasn’t a catch-all solution, however, as the machines were difficult to use and clean in some cases.

Ultimately, the family’s consumption of yogurt led to the creation of the Probiotic Maker, which was billed as Shake Genie on Shark Tank. 

3. The Name of the Product Has Changed Multiple Times

According to a post on Shopify’s community boards from 2017, the company has changed the name of the product numerous times over its life cycle so far.

Maxfield wrote in the post that he originally called the product “Jugurt,” but it didn’t sell as well. Then, the company went with “ShakeGenie,” since it was being billed as an easy way to lose weight, according to the post.

After that, the company changed to EZYogurtMaker so people could understand what the product was. Now, it appears that the company is calling the product the Probiotic Maker.

4. The ProbioticMaker is Available for Purchase Online

At the time of writing, the Probiotic Maker is available for purchase online from the company’s website.

The 120 Volt USA Probiotic Maker & two free starters is sold for $97. The cultures can be purchased online as well. They cost $10 for a three-pack and $19 for a six-pack.

There is also an international version of the product available.

5. The Product Resembles a Heating Pad

The Probiotic Maker appears to act like a heating pad for milk. To use it, customers start with an unopened gallon or half-gallon of milk, add the probiotic starter, and then shake the jug. Then, the customer slides the Probiotic Maker with the heating side facing the jug.

Once the Probiotic Maker is plugged in, it will heat the milk to around 98 degrees and start making the yogurt. It should be left on for about 8 hours before removing the heating pad.

After the milk has been heated for the eight hours, then the jug should be placed in the fridge to cool and thicken before any flavor is added.

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