Shane Coopersmith’s Fate on Below Deck

NBCUMV Deckhand Shane Coopersmith on "Below Deck."

If you’re a Below Deck fan, you know it’s rare that the entire original cast makes it through the whole season. The newest season is only five episodes in, and deckhand Avery Russell already left the superyacht before the first charter for a family emergency.

Russell’s absence left Bosun Eddie Lucas one deckhand short. Stewardess Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters steps in to take his place, but Lucas still finds himself dealing with the younger and inexperienced deckhand Shane Coppersmith. Coopersmith is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Since Coopersmith has climbed aboard the superyacht, he has found himself in a few troubling situations. So far, he has shown up late to work, slept in, gone for a shirtless swim during a charter, has taken a nap while he was supposed to be working on deck, and talked back to Lucas.

Coopersmith’s time on deck might be cut short. In a preview for the rest of the Below Deck season, the camera shows Lucas sleeping on the bottom bunk of his cabin. Lucas originally roomed with Coopersmith, but Lucas has the top bunk when they live together.

The preview doesn’t make the person on the top bunk’s face clear, so it could be a new deckhand. Previews also show Coopersmith having a disciplinary conversation with Lucas and Captain Lee Rosbach. If Captain Lee did let go of Coopersmith, he’s had time to consider the decision, since Captain Lee has stated his disappointment a few times.

Captain Lee Confesses That He Will ‘Get Involved’

Captain Lee writes a blog after each episode of Below Deck. The superyacht captain applauds Lucas and Wouters, but his thoughts towards Coopersmith seem to get more impatient as time continues.

“Eddie, I thought your team is coming along nicely, with one exception,” Captain Lee wrote after the latest Below Deck episode on December 1. “And it looks like I’m going to have to get involved at this point.”

Captain Lee also suggests that Coopersmith and stewardess Elizabeth Frankini are the only two causing issues for the crew. “Shane did you and Elizabeth go to different schools together,” Captain Lee wrote in the same blog post. “Let just recap the last couple of days. You are caught sleeping during the day when everyone else is working, you have trouble with the simple knots, and it’s a bowline, not a boatline, then you leave the laz door open, after Izzy told you before she went down, to make sure you close the laz door. We have 100K worth of toys in there that could be gone in a half an hr.’s time and you don’t close the door. To say that I am not pleased would be an understatement. I really hope you can pull it together, because right now, I’m not optimistic, but we shall see.”

Captain Lee Called Coopersmith ‘Dumb’

In Captain Lee’s blog post after the fourth episode, he explained how his patience is running thin. “Right now, the closest you are getting to hard work is standing next to Izzy or Eddie, cuz I’m not seeing much out of you,” Captain Lee wrote in a blog post on November 24. “You better get your head in the game or the only heavy lifting you will be doing is your luggage at the baggage drop off at the airport when you fly out of here.”

Captain Lee added, “Don’t get me wrong, you don’t seem like a bad guy, but you have no work ethic. And you take a nap while your crew mates continue to work and do your share of the job. You are so lucky that Eddie didn’t tell me that. Let’s just say you would’ve had the rudest awakening you had ever experienced in your life. If you are going to get anywhere in this world, it all starts with work ethic, which you seem to possess none of.”

During the second episode, Coopersmith had issues with responding to his radio – one of Captain Lee’s biggest pet peeves. “Shane, did you lose your hearing this week, or were you just being dumb and not responding when a Superior, calls you,” Captain Lee said of the behavior in a November 10 blog post. “If you are going to make it, you had better suck it up cream puff, because that behavior is never going to cut it with me, or with Eddie either.”

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