SneakERASERS on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sneak Erasers Shark Tank


Entrepreneurs Chris Pavlica and Kevin Consolo took their company, Sneak Erasers, and their products to the Sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to see if they could get a deal from one of the investors.

According to the episode synopsis, “Two entrepreneurs from Elmore and Chagrin Falls, Ohio, respectively, share how to keep their sneakers clean with their instant cleaner.”

The entrepreneurs were able to pitch their products to Sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran and guest Shark Alex Rodriguez.

Here’s what you should know about Sneak Erasers on “Shark Tank”:

1. SneakERASERS Is a Cleaning Solution for Sneakers

SneakERASERS is a cleaning solution for dirty sneakers. The technology is proprietary and patent-pending, according to the company’s website.

“We’ve developed our secret formula for our sneaker cleaning sponges specifically to remove the most impossible scuff marks, dirt, and grime with no harsh chemicals,” the description on the website reads.

The sponges are designed with multiple layers, making them longer-lasting than they would have been otherwise. To use, just rub them gently on sneakers and add water whenever the sponge is dry.

2. Pavlica Came Up With the Idea Before an Important Meeting

According to an interview with FootwearNews, Pavlica and Consolo wanted to work together and make something for some time before coming together on SneakERASERS. The men are friends who attended Ohio University together.

In 2015, according to FootwearNews, Pavlica was about to pitch something to Coca-Cola but had dirty sneakers just 20 minutes before he was set to go into the meeting.

“I googled ‘how to clean my soles,’ and all I was finding was home remedies like Scrubbing Bubbles and a toothbrush or hand sanitizer and a paper towel,” he told the outlet. “I had sanitizer with me and used all of the Kleenex in my hotel room.”

He immediately called Consolo about the problem, saying that if they could come up with an easy solution, it “might be the idea we’ve been looking for.”

3. They Also Sell GolfERASERS and AutoERASERS

According to the company website, the company doesn’t only sell SneakERASERS. Since launching their original product, they’ve branched off into both GolfERASERS and AutoERASERS.

The golf product is made specifically for cleaning golf clubs and can be attached directly to any golf bag.

“GolfERASERS are a completely built-in golf club cleaner specifically designed to keep you and your equipment clean on the course,” the website reads. “Not only will you look better, but you’ll play better!”

The AutoERASERS are used for instant detailing on cars. To use, rub gently and scrub marks will disappear.

4. They Planned to Use Their Traction to Attract the Sharks

According to the interview with FootwearNews, the men planned to use their traction with their company in order to attract the Sharks on “Shark Tank.” By the time they shot the episode in 2020, they were already in over 3,500 retail locations.

“By the time we shot the show, we were in a ton of retail spaces, and we wanted to entice them by saying, ‘Look at how much traction we’re getting,'” Pavlica told the outlet. “However, at the same time, we needed to prove we still needed help… and I think we did just that.”

He added, “No one else is doing what we’re doing.”

5. SneakERASERS Can Be Purchased Online

The company’s products can be purchased online. The SneakERASERS Instant Sole and Sneaker Cleaner, which comes in a 10-pack when purchased from Amazon, is sold for less than $10.

The product has mostly positive reviews, averaging 4 stars out of 5. While most of the reviews say the products work well, they do say that they may not be as great as people say they are. Many reviewers compare the product to the Magic Eraser.

Tune into “Shark Tank” to see if the entrepreneurs can get a deal from one of the Sharks.

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