Spotify Wrapped: How To Find Your Most-Played Songs

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Social Media is abuzz with Spotify Wrapped playlists, which show you the songs, artists, albums, and playlists you’ve listened to the most this year. Spotify Wrapped is officially live and can be used on the Spotify App or online to check out your most-streamed music.

But how do you use Spotify Wrapped?

Here are the instructions:

  1. Click here to go to the Spotify Wrapped site
  2. Log into your Spotify account
  3. That’s it! Then it’ll bring you to a slideshow showing you your top songs, how many minutes you spent listening to certain artists, and other info about your favorite music.

To find Spotify 2020 Wrapped in the app on your phone, simply go to Search, and find the Wrapped 2020 card. From there, go under the Uniquely Yours section. Republic World reports that Spotify is taking some time to implement this feature, so if your unique playlist is not showing up just yet, it will do so soon.

The biggest difference with Spotify Wrapped this year is that your personalized version of music playlists can only be found inside the company’s apps on Android and iOS. If you’re not able to find your personalized account information, make sure your Spotify app is up-to-date.

And what’s added fun is that you can earn awards. For example, if your playlist gained enough new followers, you get a Tastemaker award. If you listened to a song before it hit 50,000 streams you earn a Pioneer award, and if you added a certain number of songs to your playlist, you become a Collector.

Spotify Wrapped is the company’s way to wrap up the year, and showcases what artists and songs that gained the most viewers as the seemingly unending year of 2020 slowly dragged on.  This year, the music company is also including quizzes to test yourself on… well, yourself. See how well you know your taste by seeing what music you consumed the most this year.

Is Spotify Wrapped Not Working for You?

As Republic World recently pointed out, soon after Spotify Wrapped 2020 went live, a number of people posted that it was not working for them.

The problem typically revolves around the story feature of the app, and not the Spotify Playlist itself.

The outlet suggests the following hacks:
– Fully close the Spotify app (fully exit Spotify and open it again)
– Check for app and system updates (go to your device’s setting menu and check for system updates)
– Uninstall and re-install Spotify apps

The Results

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights (Official Audio)Official audio for The Weeknd "Blinding Lights" – available everywhere now: ►Subscribe to The Weeknd on YouTube: ►Follow The Weeknd: Subscribe to YouTube Music: ►"Blinding Lights" Lyrics: I been tryna call I’ve been on my own for long enough Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe…2019-11-29T05:00:08Z

So what proved to be the most listened-to track of 2020?

The Weeknd had the biggest song of the year with “Blinding Lights”. His second single off the album, “After Hours”, was streamed almost 1.6 billion times this year. Trailing that was the Australian singer Tones and I’s song, “Dance Monkey.”

The third most-streamed track was Roddy Ricch’s “The Box”, and the fourth was “Roses- Imanbek Remix” by Imanbek and SAINt JHN, an EDM song that was made popular through TikTok. Coming in fifth was Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now”.

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