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Over the years, more information has come out about what was planned on “Star Trek: Enterprise,” including season 5 plots and what would’ve happened had the show continued, as well as ideas for characters (such as Shran). But before shooting “Star Trek: Enterprise” and during the series development, there were ideas that never came to fruition and changes to what was planned.

Here are a few of the ideas that weren’t implemented with some reasons why. 

Jackson Archer, T’Pau & Spike?

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According to the “Star Trek: Enterprise” bible, Jonathan Archer, T’Pol and Trip Tucker didn’t exist on the show. Originally the trio was named Jackson Archer, T’Pau and Spike, respectively. 

One name may cause fans to raise their eyebrows: T’Pau. Yes, the same T’Pau from “Amok Time” (“Star Trek” the original series, before the introduction of “Star Trek: Enterprise” season four episode that included T’Pau – “The Forge”). 

Why T’Pol instead of T’Pau? Creator Rick Berman told Trek Today before the show aired, “[Having T’Pau onboard] was discussed as a possibility but it was also determined that there were legalities that made it difficult for us to do so we decided against it.” 

According to Memory Alpha, audio commentary by the creators on the show’s season 1 DVD set, “Spike” soon became “Trip” because UPN, the network that aired the series, already had a Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” 

Theme Song by U2

Star Trek – Enterprise Intro – U2: Beautiful DayBefore the intro got the song "Faith of the heart" it had a temporary score: U2's Beautiful Day. The producers liked it but it was too expensive if U2 would have agreed at all. This is just a demonstration how the intro could have been. I edited the song a little to make it fit…2013-08-24T09:17:42Z

As the show’s creators tried to find the music for the new series, Berman and co-creator Brannon Braga discussed on “In Conversation in 2016 that they wanted something that was a departure from the usual “Star Trek” orchestral music. They wanted something more approachable, they said.

Braga said the agency that created the title sequence used “Beautiful Day” by U2 as a placeholder. As “Star Trek: Enterprise” fans know, Berman settled on “Faith of the Heart,” a song by Diane Warren and sung by Russel Watson.

Although Braga said he wasn’t a fan of the pop song, Berman claimed in the 2016 interview, “I listened to [“Faith of the Heart”] recently. I still don’t think it’s that bad.”

Braga said that they wouldn’t have been able to pay for U2’s licensing fees anyway.

Season 1 Almost Set on Earth

"Star Trek: Enterprise" Syndication Promo: "Greatest Adventure" (2005)This 2005 promo for "Star Trek: Enterprise" was used to advertise the series for syndication distribution to local television stations.2020-05-02T16:12:52Z

Berman and Braga said on In Conversation” that when they got the idea for “Star Trek: Enterprise,” they wanted to set up why humans went into space and what their mission was. Berman and Braga said they wrote scenes in Chinatown, for example, close to Starfleet headquarters.

But executives didn’t buy into the idea of having a “Star Trek” set on earth, they said in the 2016 discussion. They didn’t think the show would be as exciting. Executives instead of a prequel wanted the show to be set in the future, beyond “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

So they asked Berman and Braga to create something that enabled time travel — the Temporal Cold War. Braga said everyone got what they wanted as the Temporal Cold War takes place in the future, yet is in “Star Trek: Enterprise.” 

Weekly Boy Bands? 

Star Trek – Boy Bands on the EnterpriseRick Berman and Brannon Braga talk about the time that the executives wanted a new musical act to perform each week on Enterprise. This clip taken from one of the special features on the Star Trek: Enterprise season two Blu-ray.2021-05-12T07:25:02Z

Executives were pitching ideas regularly, but it was clear to Berman and Braga the team didn’t understand “Star Trek,” they said. On “In Conversation,” Berman and Braga laughed about one executive who didn’t know what a hull was. But one idea executives pitched seemed so bizarre, Berman and Braga couldn’t understand it.

They wanted a different boy band playing every week.

“It’s the weirdest thing I’d ever heard in my life,” Braga said. 

When Berman and Braga asked where these boy bands would play, the “Star Trek” executives suggested the band play in the “restaurant.” But there is no restaurant on the ship — there’s a mess hall where crewmen dine.

“They thought this would bring in [a] new audience,” Berman said on “In Conversation.” He said the audience was getting younger and more female, and he was sure this idea was a ploy to increase ratings.

It never came to pass.

Hair-Raising Issues With Archer

In commentary on the “Star Trek: Enterprise” boxed set edition, both Connor Trinneer (Commander Trip Tucker) and Dominic Keating (Lieutenant Malcolm Reed) joke about the requested changes to Archer’s hair. They said the network was unhappy with Scott Bakula’s (Captain Archer’s) hairstyles so would call and give notes, asking for changes regularly.

A Hostile Network

Rick Berman & Brannon Braga interviewed at Enterprise PremiereRick Berman & Brannon Braga interviewed on the Red Carpet at Enterprise's Premiere in Hollywood2010-12-03T19:36:47Z

Braga wrapped up the In Conversation discussion telling Berman he doesn’t mind saying he liked “Star Trek: Enterprise” and doesn’t think the network got the show. He added, “The show ended before it should’ve ended.”

Berman agreed in the same interview, “We dealt with three completely different administrations.”

They both dismissed the idea that the show was canceled based on ratings. Berman told Braga that “Star Trek” network ratings declined starting from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” 

Braga told Berman he doesn’t care about the criticism. “[Star Trek: Enterprise] was a good show.”

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