Can You Beat Anson Mount’s ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Twitter Challenge?

Anson Mount as Pike

Screengrab from CBS Anson Mount as Pike

It seems pretty standard that fans of “Star Trek” are actually very knowledgeable about the shows, movies, animations, books, comics, and video games that make up the universe, created back in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry. As his world and vision reach the 55th anniversary, there are a few ways in which fans can get even more information about Trek — in a fun way.

The first stop for serious Trek fans is the bookstore. There, one ought to pick up any of William Shatner’s “Memories” books, which tell what happened on the set from Captain Kirk’s point of view. It would not be fair to have a list without including the Star Trek Encyclopedia. Though not updated since 1997, it’s still a great resource. 

There are dozens of great websites, and social media feeds to check out, giving the true Trek fan information that ordinarily they might not know about. The following are just a few examples:

‘The Inglorious Trexperts’ Podcast

Inglorious Treksperts: War Stories | WonderCon@Home 2020The #1 Star Trek podcast celebrates May the 4th with a rare foray into the world of Star Wars as we send in the clones in celebration of May the 4th as Inglorious Treksperts Mark A. Altman (The 50 Year Mission, Free Enterprise) and Daren Dochterman (Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director's Edition) are…2020-05-13T20:54:25Z

Hosted by Hollywood veterans and “Star Trek” enthusiasts Mark A. Altman and Daren Dochterman, the Treksperts show is an excellent source of information. Altman and Docterman bring on guests from in front of the camera and behind the scenes to give more context to how some of the most notable stories came into being. Altman is a mega-fan of Trek and also the executive producer of CW’s “Pandora,” while Docterman is currently working on the remastering of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture — Director’s Edition” for 4K.

The Trexperts have hosted many notable figures from “Star Trek,” including Michael Dorn, “Star Trek: Enterprise” co-creator Brannon Braga, and “Enterprise” showrunner Manny Coto. The show also has featured co-hosts like Ashley Edward Miller (who co-wrote “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class”) and Robert Meyer Burnett. He has worked on many Trek-related projects.

One can indeed listen to the Treksperts and learn a bunch from those excellent interviews; Altman has written a series of oral history books on Trek, which also are worth checking out. Many of those thoughts captured in Altman’s books come from the very most prominent stars in Trek, and many of those stars are no longer living.

The ‘Art of Trek’ Twitter Feed

British Trek fan Paul Spencer works hard to unearth the most interesting — and often rarely seen — artwork, schematics, logos, and designs. His “Art of Trek” regularly posts alternate arrangements from the shows and movies that help shed light on why producers and writers made the decisions they did. 

Recently, Spencer posted artwork by David Mattingly, which appeared on Trek novels by Alan Dean Foster:

Michael Okuda’s Twitter Feed

The great Okuda created LCARs, the graphic interface used first on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and later trickled into every show until “Voyager.” He and his wife, Denise, are basically Trek royalty. They’ve worked on nearly every series in between TNG and “Enterprise” and many of the films as well. Okuda posts interesting nuggets from Trek past, which include photos. 

A warning to some — Okuda’s Twitter feed usually does include many political retweets.

Anson Mount’s Twitter Challenges

Captain Pike | Best of Starfleet | Star Trek: DiscoveryShow: Star Trek Discovery Character: Captain Pike Music: The Storm composed by Greg Dombrowski Editing Software: Davinci Resolve Consider 'buying me a coffee' on Ko-fi: Supporting the channel: As you probably are aware the nature of my videos and content means monetisation is impossible, so every little donation goes a long way to support…2019-05-25T13:24:00Z

You might want to check out those resources and have your “The Original Series” DVD set at your side if you accept the challenge from Captain Pike. Actually, these challenges are from the actor who portrays Captain Pike, Anson Mount. 

Mount, who admitted that he’s seen every episode of TOS at least three times, has been slowly sharing updates about his new show, “Strange New Worlds,” on his Twitter feed. But now, Mount is challenging fans to identify specific TOS episodes based on a photo. 

The first one, posted on July 8, stumped many fans. 

It also stumped Shatner.

Mount’s second post was a bit easier. 

These posts have made some more excited about Mount as Pike:

Anson Mount Fan Theory

But it also started some wondering. Is Mount posting episodes on Twitter that fans should watch before the debut of “Strange New Worlds?”

It might be that these Tweets contain episodes that are related to SNW and could be recommended viewing. This would not be the first time Mount has used Twitter cleverly to excite the fans of “Star Trek.” 

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