Has ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Been Canceled?

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Production on the fourth season of “Star Trek: Discovery” has been underway since November of 2020. Filming is scheduled to wrap by the end of July 2021, and the fourth season is set to premiere before the end of 2021.

“Discovery” has not yet been officially renewed for a fifth season. It’s common for television shows not to get an official renewal until right before they go into production, even if another season is in the planning stages. It’s also common for shows not to get an official renewal until the viewership numbers come out for the current or upcoming season. So, it’s very possible that an official renewal for “Discovery” won’t come until the fourth season is on the air.

However, not everyone in the Trek fandom believes that “Discovery” will be renewed. Some are saying that it’s definitely getting canceled after season four.

RUMOR: CBS is Canceling Kurtzman Trek

In July 2021, an entertainment site called The Geek Authority tweeted that CBS would be canceling all of their current “Star Trek” shows and firing current Trek showrunner, Alex Kurtzman. The author of the tweet claimed that they had an “inside source” who informed them about the cancellation.

The day before The Geek Authority tweeted about the news, a YouTuber calling themselves Overlord DVD, posted a video about the same rumor. They claimed that “several sources” told them that “Discovery” was being canceled after season four. Overlord DVD went on to say that they could “not independently verify” the information but insisted that it was true.

They claimed that a source who’s given them trustworthy scoops in the past said that several production crew members who had been with the show since season one had accepted other jobs, anticipating that there wouldn’t any work for them on “Discovery.” Overlord DVD continued, saying that their source informed them that “Discovery” had gone way over budget on season four and had to borrow from the allocated season five budget. So, the source said that there’s no budget left for season five.

A few days later, Overlord DVD tweeted, “My latest STD vid was so on point I’m told, ViacomCBS is freaked out I got this info.”

Both Overlord DVD and Geek Authority are fan-run. Though they claim to have inside sources within Viacom CBS — or sources that know people inside Viacom CBS — none of their claims have been verified, at all. At this point, they’re spreading unsubstantiated rumors.

Anson Mount Fires Back

Anson Mount, the actor who played Captain Christopher Pike in the second season of “Discovery” came across The Geek Authority’s tweet the same day it was posted. He retweeted it with a comment. Though Mount didn’t add his own verbal commentary, he included a GIF of the Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov laughing.

The replies on Mount’s post were full of fans saying how excited they were for “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” which is filming right now. There were also several comments about how people have been saying Kurtzman’s Trek shows will be canceled for years now, and it hasn’t happened yet.

None of the other current “Star Trek” cast members interacted with the tweet.

Kurtzman Trek is Probably Here to Stay

As Heavy previously reported, Kurtzman signed a five-year deal with CBS in 2018. That deal gave Kurtzman control over the entire Paramount+ “Star Trek” universe. Seeing as Kurtzman is only three years into that contract, it’s highly unlikely that CBS will cancel all the shows he’s producing. Unless the contract is renegotiated before it ends, Kurtzman will be in charge of the Trekverse until at least 2023, though he’s revealed they already have new Trek content planned through 2027.

What does this mean for “Discovery” season five? Until an official renewal comes through or one of the showrunners announces it, no one can be sure. However, there isn’t currently any verified information indicating “Discovery” will be canceled after season four.

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