What the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Teasers and Photos Reveal About the Finale

Burnham, Osyraa and the Regulators on the bridge of Discovery

CBS All Access Burnham being held captive by Osyraa and the Regulators on the bridge of Discovery

With the Star Trek: Discovery finale just days away, fans are looking for any hints they can find about what will happen in the last episode of what has been an intense, action-packed season. The team over at CBS All Access has been generous about dropping exclusive teasers, promos, and photos, giving fans plenty to talk about leading up to the episode drop on Thursday.

So far, the network has released two teasers — one that appeared at the end of the last episode and one that appeared at the end of the latest episode of “The Ready Room” — and a set of stills from the episode. Here’s what all this promo content reveals about the final episode.

Discovery is About to Turn Into a War Zone

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The main teaser for the episode mostly focused on the epic battle that’s about to unfold on board the Discovery. The first clip showed Book and Burnham rallying their courage to take back the ship. The footage then switched to Tilly giving an impassioned and rousing pep talk to the rest of the bridge crew, preparing them for the difficult task of regaining control of their vessel.

There were several shots of Discovery taking heavy fire, some of which were shown from the viewpoint of Federation headquarters. These were followed by several shots of the crew engaging with Osyraa’s Regulators, including a few in which it didn’t look like the crew was managing very well. In one clip, Osyraa promised Burnham that her crewmates would soon be exterminated. In another, Book was strapped into what appeared to be a torture device and was clearly in agony.

At the end of the teaser, Zareh told Burnham that they were in a “no-win situation,” to which she replied, “I don’t believe in those.”

CBS All Access also released some promotional shots that depicted the battle aboard Discovery. 

One shot showed Osyraa and her Regulators in control of the Discovery bridge, taking heavy damage, evidenced by the fire blazing in the background and the fact that they’re all bracing for impact.

Osyraa and the Regulators on the bridge of Discovery

CBS All Access

Another photo revealed Burnham in a tough spot. She stood on the bridge across from Osyraa, surrounded by Regulators with their guns pointed at her. Burnham was captured by Zareh at the end of the last episode, so this is likely an image of when she was first delivered to Osyraa. The promo footage showed her fighting in the battle to take back the bridge, so presumably, she’ll manage to fight her way out of captivity.

Burnham and Osyraa on the bridge of Discovery with the Regulators

CBS All Access

Of course, Zareh — who’s trying to ingratiate himself to Osyraa after losing Stamets — will be a major part of the battle. One of the promo photos depicted him sneaking around the ship with the Regulators.

Zareh sneaking around Discovery with the Regulators

CBS All Access

Another showed him shooting a phaser rifle.

Zareh shooting a phaser rifle on Discovery

CBS All Access

Both the teaser and the promo photos make it clear that Discovery and her crew are in grave danger during the finale, and the Federation itself may be as well.

The Situation in the Verubin Nebula is Dire

Culber in the Verubin Nebula

CBS All Access

The exclusive teaser that aired at the end of the latest episode of “The Ready Room” focused on the Discovery crew members in the Verubin Nebula and their quest to convince Su’Kal to leave the planet.

The teaser began with a clip of Culber watching a holodeck program about Gormaganders, the creatures flying through the sky on the dilithium planet. As the holodeck program narration glitched, the scene switched to Saru and Su’Kal sharing a meal by a fire. Two of the promotional photos released also depict this scene.

Su'Kal eating in the Verubin Nebula

CBS All Access

Human Saru in the Verubin Nebula

CBS All Access

Su’Kal commented that the wounds on Saru’s face, which were a result of radiation poisoning, looked painful. Saru tried to explain that he was sick and the planet was making him sick, but Su’Kal cut him off by offering him what looked like leaves, which apparently could be used as soothing bandages. As Saru placed the leaves on his skin, Culber walked into the room. He informed Saru that the holodeck world they were in was continuing to deteriorate and that the radiation levels were getting worse. He posited that Su’Kal’s tantrum caused a hull breach.

When asked whether he’d had any luck getting Su’Kal to share information about how to shut down the holoprogram and get off the ship, Saru shared his belief that Su’Kal was more knowledgeable than he was letting on. The teaser ended with Saru saying that he was hesitant to push Su’Kal, lest he throw another tantrum, maybe one big enough to cause another Burn.

The teaser at the end of “There is a Tide…” also offered a peek of how the Discovery crew members were faring in the Verubin Nebula, and things did not look good.

In one clip, Culber and Saru begged Su’Kal to trust them and take action. Another short clip showed a melancholy Gray walking toward the camera, then cut to a distressed Adira. The last clip of the stranded crew members showed them huddled together. Saru, who appeared Kelpian again, assured them that they would all be together no matter how the situation played out.

The promotional photos gave fans a few more looks at the situation in the Nebula. One showed an emotional embrace between Adira and Gray as Culber looked on. The hug looked like it might be a goodbye, but that’s speculation at this point.

Blu del Barrio as Adira, Ian Alexander as Gray and Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

Another photo, perhaps the most interesting the in the bunch, showed Adira with tattoos all over their face and a large earring covering their ear. Perhaps this is how the holoprogram initially chose to portray Adira to Su’Kal.

Adira in the Verubin Nebula

CBS All Access

All of the promos seem to indicate that the lives of Saru, Adira, and Culber rest in Su’Kal’s hands. There’s no indication that anyone from the Discovery crew or the Federation will be able to save them, so it seems that they might have to save themselves.

Aurellio Still Has a Part to Play

The Emerald Chain scientist who made his debut in “There is a Tide…” has fans asking lots of questions. Though he didn’t appear in the teaser at the end of that episode, a shot of him was included in the promo photo drop.

Aurellio on the Discovery

CBS All Access

The photo doesn’t tell fans a lot about what he’ll be doing in the finale. However, the fact that the network chose to include a photo of him in the promo materials for the finale hints that he still has a significant role to play.

The teasers and the promo photos all indicate that the crew of Discovery will be fighting against seemingly impossible odds to save their ship, their lives, and the Federation. Will they succeed? Fans will find out in just a couple of days!

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