DS9 Star Says he Would Return to Trek

DS9 Cast

Paramount The cast of "Deep Space Nine."

While “Star Trek” shows “Discovery” and “Strange New Worlds” are bringing new actors into the Trek family,  “Picard” is bringing back fan favorites and leading others to contemplate their return.

TrekMovie.com reported on August 23 that Trek veteran Armin Shimerman, who played the Ferengi bar owner Quark, is willing to put on the lobes again if the conditions are right.

“I would happily do it,” Shimerman said. “I would not do a series regular again. I would not undergo that makeup for another seven years. I can’t live that long. But for a guest star or to do what they’re going to do on ‘Picard’ with some of the characters coming back… Yeah, I would do that.”

If the Price is Right

Shimerman, speaking at a panel for the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, TN, also said that the financial offer would have to be right.

“They’d have to pay me like they paid Michael Dorn,” he said.

Dorn famously played the Klingon Starfleet officer Worf. Dorn first appeared as Worf in “The Next Generation” series before appearing in the films and on “Deep Space Nine,” where he starred alongside Shimerman.

Dorn’s salary for “Picard” has not been publicly disclosed, but Deadline reported in April that he was one of six stars of “The Next Generation” coming back for the third and final season. In addition to Dorn, LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner will all be back for Patrick Stewart’s final bow. Frakes, Sirtis and Spiner have all appeared in previous seasons of Picard.

A Previous Return to Character

A future “Star Trek” project would not be the first time Shimerman has returned to the Quark character. As reported by TrekMovie, the actor recounted being asked to don the makeup for a convention appearance.

“At a convention right before COVID, someone paid me a ton of money to get dressed up as Quark one more time,” he said. “And I would only do it if it was with my makeup artist [Karen Weserfield], who was with me the whole seven years.”

Shimerman said the host agreed and flew Weserfield to England for the event. The makeup had a magical effect and surprised even people who were part of “Deep Space Nine’s” production team.

“Ira [Steven Behr], the executive producer, was there and we were all amazed because it was a good 20 years after I finished the show, and when I got into the makeup, it was like a time machine,” Shimerman said. “It looked like Quark 20 years ago.”

Not His First Ferengi

Shimerman went on to talk about the first time he played a Ferengi, a character that pre-dated Quark by more than five years. Appearing as Letek in the TNG  season 1 episode “The Last Outpost,” Shimerman was one of the first Ferengi ever seen on screen. Shimerman said he had infused his performance with Richard III, right down to the hunched-over walk.

“But it was wrong. It was horrible,” he said. “I was so one-dimensional. It was a horrible performance. The only thing good about it was the check didn’t bounce.”

Shimerman said with Quark he had a chance to redeem himself and all Ferengi characters. 

“For Quark, my agenda was to try to make that one-dimensional creature into a three-dimensional person,” he said. “You may not agree with me, but the Ferengi were the most human of creatures on Star Trek.”

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