EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘Star Trek’ Actor Dishes on Makeout With Costar

Vaughn Armstrong as Captain Forrest and Dominic Keating as Lieutenant Reed in "Star Trek: Enterprise"

YouTube Vaughn Armstrong as Captain Forrest and Dominic Keating as Lieutenant Reed in "Star Trek: Enterprise"

Vaughn Armstrong holds the record for the most characters played in the “Star Trek” universe. In a Trek career that’s spanned over three decades, Armstrong has portrayed 12 different characters. He’s one of the very few actors who appeared in all of the “Star Trek” shows made in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Armstrong reminisced about his long “Star Trek” career and revealed his favorite memory from the Trekverse.

A Steamy Day on the Set

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Armstrong’s biggest “Star Trek” role was Admiral Maxwell Forrest in “Star Trek: Enterprise.” He portrayed the character in 18 episodes of the show.

Since he was on the set of “Enterprise” more than any other “Star Trek” show, Armstrong’s fondest memories of his time in the Trekverse are from “Enterprise.” When asked about his absolute favorite “Star Trek” memory, Armstrong said that there were so many it would be hard to choose. However, one particular day quickly came to mind.

“You know, if I have any sense, I will say, doing my first scene with Linda Park in ‘The Mirror Darkly.’ I spent about six hours making out with Linda Park, basically. Or at least formulating that idea on the screen. And it was a something I’ll never forget.”

In the fourth season episode, “In a Mirror Darkly,” Armstrong got to play the Mirror Universe version of his character, Captain Maximilian Forrest. The dark and gritty Mirror Universe previously showed up in both “Star Trek: The Original Series” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” The mirror versions of all the Prime Timeline characters were all at least a bit evil and usually much more promiscuous.

In “Enterprise’s” foray into the Mirror Universe, Hoshi Sato, played by Park, was the lover of Armstrong’s Captain Forrest. The two had a particularly steamy scene, which apparently took several hours to shoot, much to Armstrong’s delight.

‘In a Mirror Darkly’ is One of His Favorites

Star Trek: Enterprise – MutinySeason 4, In A Mirror Darkly Part 12018-04-05T03:20:34Z

Armstrong went on to say that the Mirror Universe episodes of “Enterprise” were some of the best episodes of his Trek career.

”Newsweek picked that episode as the best episode of ‘Enterprise.’ And it was great because I got to play the captain. I was the captain of the Enterprise! [Newsweek] had a fold out picture of me in the center of this article, being the captain of the Enterprise.”

Armstrong went on to say that he loved what the writers and producers were going for with the episodes.

“They were trying to make it more contemporary and less theatrical. They wanted to make it more of a drama than a theater piece. I think they did that a little bit. But you can’t not have a theatrical moment in a place where you’ve got flowing robes and all these great costumes. You can’t help but get theatrical at some point… They were trying to make it a modern, more realistic piece.”

Of course, the episodes were also memorable for Armstrong because he got to come back to the “Enterprise” universe. His Prime Timeline character had been killed in the seventh episode of the fourth season.

So, a venture into the Mirror Universe allowed him to reunite with his favorite “Star Trek” cast one more time.

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