FAN THEORY: The Klingons Will Be Back for ‘Star Trek 4’


Paramount Klingons

It seems that now is the best time to be a fan of all things geeky. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, anything that is somewhat close to those multi-billion dollar superhero stories is getting a second look. In a way, 2008’s “Iron Man” is like 1977’s “Star Wars,” in that it changed what audiences expected to see.

Like the DC Comics films, “Star Trek” has benefited from this renewed interest in stories that feature the incredible. 

While there is still little known about the upcoming “Star Trek” films, fans know that there are at least three in development. These movies will be based on the newest show — “Star Trek: Prodigy,” and will likely be geared toward a younger audience. Then there are two more films.

Based on what Paramount Pictures’ CEO Brian Robbins said to The Hollywood Reporter, or what he didn’t say, many believe that there will be one based on the shows that currently air on Paramount+. At the same time, the other may be the continuation of the Kelvin series. This third film will be produced by J. J. Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions.  

Hemsworth as George Kirk

Other than what news leaked out years before, which detailed how producers wanted to bring Chris Hemsworth into the film. Hemsworth has a face known the world over, as he’s Marvel’s Thor. As George Kirk, Hemsworth appeared just for a few moments in “Star Trek (2009).” He reportedly turned down the role over the script, according to Screen Rant

There is no official word if Hemsworth will return for the role or if any of the other Kelvin actors will be back either. This includes Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), John Cho (Sulu), and others.

There is precious little known about that film, other than it will be directed by Matt Shakman of “WandaVision.” The script will be written by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworetaccording to Deadline. Robertson-Dworet co-wrote “Captain Marvel.”

The opening date, according to, will be June 23, 2023. But don’t be surprised if there are delays. Even “Star Wars” films can be delayed these days, as “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” won’t begin on time

Forbes’ Scott Mendelson wrote recently that fans might not see a new Trek film at all. If we do, it “will open in a year filled with franchise installments” and might flop.

Klingons in ‘Star Trek 4’?

But now, an entertainment website in the United Kingdom has floated the idea that the Klingons should play a big part in this new “Star Trek 4” film. 

The author states that it is time for the Klingons to return, as they “could easily serve as a new representation of the current world, no longer managed by the terror of the Russo / American war but by the digital insecurity between the countries.”

They also make a case for bringing in the Klingon Empire as a force to challenge the Federation and Starfleet. This storyline was hinted at in “Star Trek Into Darkness” and as a significant reason why Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) created his secret dreadnought starships.

Which Klingons?

If the Klingons return for battle in “Star Trek 4,” which version will they be? Presumably, they will look similar to what was seen in “Star Trek Into Darkness.” Still, there could be some merging of the looks between those and the “Discovery” Klingons

While the “Into Darkness” style Klingons were accepted as an update to the classic look — which had not changed drastically since 1979’s ”Star Trek: The Motion Picture” — fans were not as happy with the look in “Discovery.” 

As one fan stated:

“The Klingons in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ were fantastic. Not only were they badass looking, they actually looked scary as hell and definitely not a group you want to encounter. ‘Into Darkness’ made Klingons scary and intimidating again. They were cold, silent, and deadly.” 

“Compared with ‘Discovery’ Klingons — who just like to talk your friggin’ ear off and looked pretty bad, especially those weird head shapes. The faces were so caked in prosthetics that all the actors sounded like they had stuffed noses.”

“Darn shame we never got to see more of the ‘Into Darkness’ Klingons.”

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