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There’s one story that “Star Trek” fans want more than anything else. The story has conflict, intrigue, romance, epic space battles, aliens, strange new worlds, and is the foundation to “Star Trek.”

You guessed it — the Romulan War.

The war has deep roots in “Star Trek” fandom. It’s the basis of nearly every series in “Star Trek.” It’s why there’s a Federation. And it’s mostly unknown. There’s a lot of mythos and non-canon books written about the Romulan War, but very little on-screen, canon information.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a great story.

Romulan War Was Imminent

When we last left “Star Trek: Enterprise” the Romulan War was imminent.

In “Minefield,” “Babel One,” “Awakening,” and “Kir’Shara,” Romulans move into new territory, push boundaries, and disrupt the known universe. They’ve destabilized the Alpha Quadrant.

They created a drone that causes the Allies (Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, and humans) to fight each other and distrust each other.

Worse, the Romulans infiltrated Vulcan’s High Command, unsettling the political state of the logical desert planet … and it looks like they’ve been there for years. Because the Romulans are treacherous, they’ll continue to undermine Vulcan politics however they can.


Epic Ship Battles, Strange New Worlds

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Fans want to see various new Starfleet ships, not just the NX class, rush into the fray as Romulan vessels decloak. Epic battles lay in wait! One of the Romulan War fan-made movies actually has a crowd-sourcing budget for those epic battles. It’s why the series is taking some time to produce.

Tellarite, Andorian, Vulcan, and human vessels should all be used, including science vessels caught up in the action.

There’s mythos about Cheron, for example, part of where the Romulan War took place. Romulus, Remus, and other planets fans have rarely seen can be covered, too. For example, fans want to see the Denobulan planet and Tellar Prime (where the Tellarites are). But why stop there? So many worlds could be covered.

Familiar Cast

Not only do fans want to see, in general, Archer, T’Pol, Shran, Reed, Ambassador Soval, Ambassador Gral, and other “Star Trek: Enterprise” characters, they want to get to know more of the Starfleet HQ personnel, including Admiral Black (assuming there is one in the non-Mirror world) and Admiral Gardner. There are also some characters fans have barely seen and want to know more about, such as Ramirez.

Lt. Stiles is prejudiced against Spock in “Balance of Terror.” His family’s involvement in the Romulan War could explain his comment in the same episode alluding to his military family being harmed in the war.

Political Issues

VideoVideo related to fan theory: make the romulan war2021-03-16T20:19:26-04:00

There should be issues on just about every planet that impact the success of the war, sometimes to the Allies’ favor, sometimes working against them. When we last left “Star Trek: Enterprise,” there was upheaval on just about every allied world.

In “Aenar,” Andorians and Aenar have begun to unite, disrupting their culture and politics. How does that impact the war effort?

Tellarites and Andorians have a new-found peace from the Andorian arc (“Babel One,” “United,” and “Aenar”). How does this alliance impact Tellarite society and their government? Fans want to see Tellar Prime anyway.

Vulcans just emerged to better understand Surak through the Kir’Shara. T’Pau is coming to power. In “Amok Time,” we know T’Pau is more traditional and isn’t fond of “offworlders.” What’s happened during the war to make her turn more inward? How does she come to power? Do they adopt the Vulcan High Command structure? In the Andorian arc, Archer complains that T’Pau is cleaning house.

Earth, after the Xindi attack, turns inward. They bring the “Terra Prime” members to justice after they try to oust aliens from the planet. How does this movement impact Earth further? Are there still members embedded into Starfleet that cause hiccups in the war? Additionally, how is Section 31 involved in the war?

Who else do the Allies try to persuade to join them? Denobulans? Betazoid? Deltans? Friends that the “Star Trek: Enterprise” crew met along the way?

What about Romulus? Why does the Praetor want to defeat the humans, Tellarites, and Andorians — as a way to gain power? Does the Praetor see a path to unification between Vulcan and Romulans after?

And how are the Orions involved? In “Journey to Babel,” they’re spying on the allies. Fans would like to know more about their involvement. After all, they have a warrant out for Archer’s arrest.

These issues create conflict among each of the planets, and sometimes against each other. Each week could feature a different planet with guest stars (such as Shran) taking the spotlight. Occasionally, they could meet at Starfleet Headquarters or on a ship.

‘The Original Series’ and Beyond

The Enterprise Crosses the Romulan Neutral ZoneStar Trek The Original Series Season 3 The Enterprise Incident2020-12-26T12:50:16Z

By the time of “the Original Series,” there’s a cold war not unlike that of the U.S. and Russia from the mid-20th century. Episodes such as “Balance of Terror” and “Enterprise Incident” show that the Romulans and humans are still distrustful and still engage in battle, despite the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Even by the time “The Next Generation” comes around, there are still animosities between the Allies and Romulans.

Paramount+ Would Make Fans Happy

How badly do fans want “Star Trek” to cover the Romulan War? They’re desperate! In many polls, the war comes out on top. There are multiple fan-made Romulan War movies. Here are just a few of the fan-made shows:

There are several books and fan fiction written about the war. Artists have created ships, planets, and battles. There are also audio plays.

It’s captured fans’ imaginations.

The Romulan War is packed with so much fan goodness. It has so much legend behind it, without much information. Fans are hungry to see this take place. It has drama and conflict. With Paramount+ launching more content, with some “Star Trek” content out every quarter, it’d be good to do more with what fans crave.

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