Oodles of Incredible Updates From the Cast of ‘Star Trek 4’

Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, and Simon Pegg

Paramount Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, and Simon Pegg

Believe it or not, it’s been since 2016 since a new “Star Trek” feature film graced the silver screen. Yes, it’s true. That last movie, “Star Trek Beyond,” reportedly didn’t make as much money as Paramount wanted, and thanks to some salary demands made by the stars of the franchise, there was no follow-up. 

According to Simon Pegg, who helped come up with the story for “Beyond” and played the role of Chief of Engineering, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, there was a simple reason:

“I think it was poorly marketed, to be honest,” Pegg told Geek Exchange back in 2018. “If you look at a film like ‘Suicide Squad,’ that was around for such a long time before it finally came out and people were so aware of it. Whereas with ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ it was left too late before they started their marketing push. It still did great business, but it was disappointing compared to ‘Into Darkness.’”

Pegg in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Star Trek Beyond (2016) – The Deadly Jaylah Scene (4/10) | MovieclipsStar Trek Beyond – The Deadly Jaylah: Scotty (Simon Pegg) comes across a group of bloodthirsty scavengers after crash landing on an alien planet but is rescued by Jaylah (Sofia Boutella). BUY THE MOVIE: fandangonow.com/details/movie/star-trek-beyond-2016/MMV77052224F01EC44A1109C7860D64925AF?cmp=Movieclips_YT_Description Watch the best Star Trek Beyond scenes & clips: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZbXA4lyCtqrj8oXCaUWavlHNtoy-I-ox #Startrek #startrekbeyond FILM DESCRIPTION: A surprise attack in outer space…2018-09-28T19:25:56Z

Pegg also said that the way Paramount marketed everything, the movie looked like a “boneheaded action film.” And to top it off, Paramount did not mention that “Beyond” was released in time to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the franchise.

“It was fumbled as a thing; they didn’t know what to do with it, and it’s a real shame,” Pegg said in the interview. “But I came away from it really, really happy and very proud of it.”

But now, the gang is getting back together for a fourth Trek film in the so-called Kelvin Universe. The one guy who seems the most excited is ‘Kelvin Kirk’ Chris Pine. 

“I met the director, Matt [Shakman], who I really like,” Pine told Deadline in April. ”I met a producer on it that I really like. I know JJ [Abrams] is involved in it in some respects. I met the new people over at Paramount, which is many different kind of relations.”

He’s a Doctor, not a Script Reviewer

Star Trek Beyond- Kirk & Bones Have a Drink.Bones & Kirk have a drink and talk about his upcoming birthday before arriving at Yorktown station. I own nothing in this video, clip is from Star Trek Beyond (2016).2018-10-10T03:59:46Z

Karl Urban, who Trek fans know for reprising the role of Dr. Leonard McCoy, has been busy as of late. His popular comic book-based television series, “The Boys,” will soon begin streaming its third season on Amazon Prime. 

Thanks to a recent appearance on Radio X on May 21, 2022, to promote the new season of “The Boys,” Urban said essentially that it’s just a matter of time until he gets a call.

“I have heard that it’s happening — but I’ve been hearing that for the last three years,” said Urban. “Listen, all I know is that there are developing it. They are writing a script. And I know 100% that we all want to come back and do it. I think that it’s just a matter of logistics and timing at this point.”

Zoe Saldana on Trek without Anton Yelchin

At a recent film premiere, Zoe Saldana told Entertainment Tonight that she and “the gang” were ready to return for a fourth “Star Trek” film; it would not be the same without Anton Yelchin. Saldana portrayed Nyota Uhura for all three Kelvin films, and Yelchin portrayed the wunderkind, Pavel Chekov. Fans might remember that Yelchin was killed in an automobile accident just before the opening of “Star Trek Beyond.”

“We’re excited, and obviously, it’s bittersweet because we are coming together for a fourth time, and one of us is no longer with us,” Saldana said in the interview. “But we honestly feel that … going back and keeping the ‘Star Trek’ family together is a way to really keep [Yelchin] alive, in our thoughts and in our hearts.” 

“He was such a fan, and he was such a devoted artist to the craft and also to ‘Star Trek,’” said Saldana. “So, it would be great to go back to work again and get to be together with the gang.”

Godzilla versus ‘Star Trek’

Godzilla vs Captain PicardHire me to edit your videos! kheditsvideos.com Support the channel on Patreon for just $1/month! patreon.com/kaijukim Stalk me: Twitter: twitter.com/KaijuKim Instagram: instagram.com/kaiju_kim/ Facebook: facebook.com/KaijuKim/2021-02-19T17:29:16Z

As Pine mentioned, this new fourth installment of the series is supposed to be helmed by director Matt Shakman. But on May 19, 2022, news broke that Shakman would be getting together with Apple to run their new Godzilla series. 

Writer Scott Campbell suggests that this might put plans for “Star Trek 4” in peril if Shakman is involved with another big project. Campbell could be right, as Noah Hawley left the project some time ago. Hawley was slated to direct “Star Trek 4” but instead is working on a new “Alien” television series

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Rick Lupton
Rick Lupton
2 months ago

I agree that Star Trek: Beyond was not marketed well, however, I was hesitant to see it since the previous movie “Into Darkness” had been such a disappointment to me. There are too many ‘dark’ movies out there already and this was not the right time to bring such a plot to the Star Trek franchise. Paramount should have let the fans know that this film would be redemption from the previous movie, not just more of the same. They need to look at how the fans have been impressed with the new tv series (Discovery, Picard, Strange New Worlds) and use those elements of hope in the new movie (just like the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home brought hope to not only Star Trek fans, but all people who love Earth).

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