‘Star Trek’ Star Gates McFadden Says Her New Podcast Is ‘Powerful’

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

CBS Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

Fans know her as Dr. Beverly Crusher, the strong-willed and logical doctor of the Enterprise-D. She was there for six seasons and four feature films, curing plagues and healing crew members after their Parrises squares match.

In real life, Crusher is portrayed by Gates McFadden, who is more than just an actress. In her time working in entertainment, she’s a dancer, choreographer, director, and someone who created the moves for puppets, Muppets, and other animatronic creatures.

Gates McFadden – Behind the Scenes LabyrinthScenes aer taken from behind the scenes featurettes of the movie Labyrinth. Gates McFadden is such a talented actress/choreographer and is under appreciated so heres a look at what she did during production of Labyrinth2008-11-26T02:20:20Z

In fact, some who worked on the Paramount lot back in the 1990s report to have seen her on a unicycle.

Always busy, McFadden is adding a new bullet to her resume — podcast host. Starting on May 11, McFadden’s new podcast, “InvestiGATES,” will debut. The show will feature many of the actors she befriended both on the set of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and on the Trek convention circuit.

In an interview with Trek Report, McFadden shared that she’s recorded episodes with almost all of her TNG castmates — except for Patrick Stewart, who is tied up filming “Star Trek: Picard.”

“He’s impossible to get because he’s been super busy,” McFadden told Trek Report in the interview.

A Different Kind of Podcast

McFadden says that these interviews may stray from the conventional question and answer style that most are used to hearing.“I just wanted to have fun conversations with my friends,”

“Sometimes things get very powerful… sometimes they are very lighthearted and silly,” McFadden told Trek Report. “It’s all kinds of things.”

One example she shared was for her interview with Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher on TNG, they wound up playing a game.

“I knew that he was such a podcaster himself, and an interviewer, and host, that I knew I had to find a different way with him. I came up with playing games with him — and it was so much fun,” McFadden told Trek Report. “We started with ‘never have I ever,’ and then it became ethical questions.”

McFadden told Trek Report that she’s recorded 18 interviews so far, with more to come. And she was proud to say that she edited each episode as well. Add “audio editor” to the resume, too!

She did say that, including Stewart, she’d also like to interview Michael Burnham from “Star Trek: Discovery.”

“I would certainly love to talk to Sonequa [Martin-Green],” McFadden told Trek Report. “She is quite extraordinary.”

A Possible Return for Dr. Crusher

All Good Things Ready Room KissBeverly kisses Jean-Luc in his ready room after finding out he might get irumodic syndrome.2009-01-09T16:41:03Z

As many fans have noted, Dr. Crusher was Picard’s longest-running love interest and intellectual equal. Though both the tension of Picard’s relationship with her late husband (Jack Crusher) and the duties of both their positions ultimately kept them apart.

This has not stopped fans from wishing and hoping that Dr. Crusher would rejoin Admiral Picard on screen. This did not happen in the four TNG films, but there is still a possibility of this happening on “Star Trek: Picard.”

McFadden did say that she and Patrick Stewart did have something special, which translated to Crusher and Picard.

“I do think [Patrick and I] have a chemistry,” McFadden told Trek Report. “I do think that’s true. It pleases me that fans want to see me.”

Though fans are tweeting about the possibility of Dr. Crusher joining “Picard,” McFadden mentioned that there was one person who could make her return happen.

“There’s nothing concrete that I can tell you at this point,” McFadden told Trek Report. “It’s basically … I would say that it’s up to Patrick.”

All this said, Stewart said a few weeks back which of the female Trek leads that he wished he could work with again. It was Alfre Woodward, who starred opposite of Stewart in “Star Trek: First Contact.”

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