Fans Are Loving George Takei’s Fathers Day Message

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images George Takei attends the screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan at the Paramount Studios Theater on July 31, 2002 in Los Angeles, California.

On Father’s Day 2021, “Star Trek” icon George Takei shared a revealing and heartfelt message on his Twitter account. Takei, who came out as gay in 2005 according to The Advocate, shared that one of his “biggest regrets” is that he never became a father.

Takei pointed out that when he was a young, gay man, adopting a child wasn’t a possibility. He finished off the tweet with the statement, “I’m happy I could still be “Uncle George” to so many.”

His message struck a chord with many of his fans, especially his LGBTQ+ fans. Here’s what they had to say.

An Outpouring of Love

More than 2,000 friends and fans of Takei replied to the tweet. The replies were filled with expressions of love for the actor as well as sweet messages about what a good father he would have been.

Several fans wrote about how Takei had personally impacted their lives.

Twitter user @drerinmac replied, “Thank you for everything Uncle George. Your art and stories have helped me through so much.”

Another user, @Able2Cre8, wrote, “I have an unidentified genetic disability related to cerebral palsy, epilepsy, MD and ALS. Thank you for being a calming presence when I was sick and in an unsafe environment!”

Other fans told Takei that being an uncle was even better than being a father.

One fan, @Kibure replied, “My gay uncle meant so much more to me than my dad. So happy Father’s day Uncle George. Know you do have an impact on a lot of people’s lives!”

Another fan, @GeekRuthie, wrote, “A gay uncle, who’s a father figure to many people whom you don’t even know, and who is *also* an action hero movie & television star, *and* one of the best advocates there is for AAPI and LGBTQIA+ people everywhere. Pretty good resume, if you ask me. [Love] you, sir.”

Yet another fan, @justchilln247, told Takei, “We love our Uncle George. You just don’t know how many times you’ve babysat for my mom with the Enterprise. Took us for rides all over the universe Nd you showed up to spend time with us every week, taking us where no man has ever gone.”

Thousands of similar anecdotes and loving messages filled the replies.

Takei’s Family Life

DP/30: To Be George & Brad Takei At SundanceThe new documentary To Be Takei, by Jennifer M. Kroot, is taking Sundance by surprise. George Takei is best known as Sulu from Star Trek, but his post-Trek life, including his marriage to Brad, is full of cutting edge politics, the effort to preserve a somewhat forgotten history for Japanese-Americans, and a remarkable sense of…2014-01-17T17:00:04Z

Takei has been with Brad Takei, formerly Altman, since the mid-80s. In an interview with Variety in 2020, they revealed that their passion for running brought them together. They were both members of a gay running club called the Frontrunners. Brad was the fastest runner in the group and quite attractive, as Takei recalled. Takei told Variety that he asked Brad to train for a marathon with him.

Though they started dating shortly after they met, the two couldn’t be open about their relationship. Takei said that it was completely unlike him to hide who he was. He was a vocal advocate and activist in other areas, but he didn’t feel safe coming out as gay. Brad told Variety that for years he was always with Takei, but was never recognized as his boyfriend.

After nearly three decades of partnership, the two finally went public with their relationship when Takei came out in 2005. They got married three years later in September of 2018.

Though they never adopted a child of their own, Takei has been a vocal advocate for gay adoption rights for many years.

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