Which ‘Deep Space Nine’ Character Was Cut From ‘Star Trek: Insurrection’?

Picard, Data, and Worf in "Star Trek: Insurrection"

Getty Images Picard, Data, and Worf in "Star Trek: Insurrection"

The third “Star Trek: The Next Generation” movie, “Star Trek: Insurrection,” hit theaters in December of 1998. When it was released, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” was in the middle of its final season. The characters from “Deep Space Nine” were well-established in the Trekverse, and they were about to say their final goodbyes. So, the producers decided to include cameos from some of the DS9 characters.

However, only one “Deep Space Nine” character made it into the movie’s final cut. Another filmed a scene for the movie, but it was cut during the editing process.

Quark Was Supposed to Show Up

Everyone’s favorite Ferengi bartender was supposed to make an appearance at the end of “Insurrection.” In the final draft of the script for the movie, obtained by TrekCore, Quark showed up on Ba’Ku as the crew of the Enterprise-E prepared to depart.


They turn to see a Ferengi (QUARK) approaching in a bathing suit with a beach umbrella and two barely dressed Dabo girls…

What are you doing here, Quark?

The same thing everyone else in the quadrant is going to be doing here… as soon as I build the greatest spa in the galaxy… these people don’t have any religious thing about casinos do they…?

There aren’t going to be any spas on this planet.

Do I know you?

This world is about to become a Federation protectorate, which will end any and all attempts at exploitation by people like you.

Explain to me how five thousand time-share units… right there along the lake… would be ‘exploiting’ anyone.

Mister Worf, have this uninvited… offlander and his quests beamed to the Enterprise. We’ll deposit them at Deep Space Nine.

Must you, sir?

Worf takes Quark away by the scruff of his beach shirt…
his disappointed babes follow …trailing away —

You’ll hear from my Nagus!

According to IMDB, director Jonathan Frakes decided to cut the scene because he didn’t think it was a good fit with the rest of the movie. The deleted scene never made it onto the DVD or Blu-Ray special features.

The Infamous Photos

Though video footage of the scene has never surfaced, stills do exist. In 2014, a Trek collector who goes by the username KGHanson posted images from his personal collection to the website YourProps.com, an online museum of movie props. The images included two stills from Quark’s scene in “Insurrection” and pictures of the authentic costume he wore for the film.

One of the stills showed Quark, wearing a brightly colored one-piece swimsuit, flanked by two Dabo girls in minuscule bikinis. Worf towered over them in the background of the shot. The other still was a full-body shot of Quark in his interesting beach attire. Two of the other photos posted by KGHanson showed Quark’s swimsuit on a mannequin and the sandals it was paired with.

When Twitter user @Sabriality found the images, she tweeted a link and tagged Armin Shimerman, the actor who played Quark. Shimerman responded and confirmed that those photos were “all that is left of my perf in Insurrection.”

Fans have suggested that the scene should be included in the 4K release of the movie. So far, there hasn’t been any word on whether fans will ever see the scene in its entirety.

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