New Chapter of ‘Star Trek Online’ to Feature Stars From ‘Deep Space Nine,’ ‘Voyager,’ and ‘Discovery’

Star Trek Online’s new chapter: Stormfall

Gearbox Publishing Star Trek Online’s new chapter: Stormfall

Chase Masterson, the actress and educator, is known to fans worldwide as the Dabo girl from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” Her character, Leeta, was one of the people who made the show so beloved by fans and is one of the reasons why every so often, fans start petitions for the eighth season of the show. 

When Masterson hears from fans about the desire for an eighth season of “DS9,” she usually has the same response:

“For everyone who has asked for more of our characters, will there be more ‘Deep Space Nine,’ I say ‘yeah, in ‘Star Trek Online,’” Masterson told Trek Report in a 2021 interview

And unlike the shows, fans who take part in “Star Trek Online” become part of the story, as they can interact with their favorite characters, ships, and scenarios. And thanks to the game’s latest update, fans can again take part in missions with Masterson as the villainous Admiral Leeta, Kate Mulgrew as Marshal Janeway, and Mary Wiseman as Captain Killy.

Star Trek Online – Stormfall Trailer

Stormfall Launch Trailer – REACTION! – PS4 / X BOX / PC Star Trek OnlineCaptains 07 LETS GO!!!!!!! OBER DERRR!!!!!! SUPER EXCITED for the new content coming to STAR TREK ONLINE! STORMFALL sounds really good and that trailer was AWESOME! HUGE shoutout to NOAH for being in STAR TREK ONLINE along with shoutouts to NICK & THOMAS & really the dev team for all your work! Looking forward to…2022-05-09T21:51:40Z

Fans of “Discovery” are undoubtedly aware that Killy is not to be toyed with, as was evident in her appearances in Season 3 of the show. New for the game’s recent chapter, called “Stormfall,” is an Andorian rebel named “Rae-Yeet.” The voice behind Rae-Yeet is none other than Noah Averbach-Katz, who portrayed the Andorian Ryn, also from Season 3 of “Discovery.” Sadly, Ryn died in one of those episodes. 

Heavy caught up with Averbach-Katz and asked him what it was like to return to “Star Trek” as a part of a video game instead of acting on the “Discovery” set. 

“I just couldn’t be more excited about the chance to do something like [this],” said Averbach-Katz. “I feel like it’s so rare. If you do a TV show or a movie, maybe you’ll be at the premiere, or maybe watch the TV show with your family, but to get to experience it in real-time with fans of the community — because I don’t really know what’s coming.” 

“It does feel like an extension of that experience in a huge way — nothing will top being on the set on the day and the connection I have with that character,” said Averbach-Katz. “I’m excited to make a whole different kind of connection, a whole new experience. Not separate, but just unique.”

Part of what makes the role of Rae-Yeet in “Star Trek Online” special for Averbach-Katz, is that he returns to the universe as an Andorian. Like Ryn, Averbach-Katz’s new character will also sport blue skin and an antenna. There’s something special about this Andorian, which not even Ryn is a part of.

Ryn on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Detmer & Ryn vs Osyraa's Ship – Star Trek Discovery 3×08Detmer & Ryn vs Osyraa's Ship – Star Trek Discovery 3×082020-12-03T10:16:55Z

“Ray is a nickname for my mom,” said Averbach-Katz. “So the character is essentially named after her. ‘Yeet’ is another part of the name of my actual ‘STO’ character, which is just totally random. So it’s partly named for her.”

Averbach-Katz’s mother is an incredibly huge Trek fan in her own right. Through her and Averbach-Katz’s father, he first fell in love with the franchise. And since he’s married to “Discovery” star Wiseman, some might say that he’s practically “Star Trek” royalty at this point. But for Averbach-Katz, his connection to Trek is really about fun.

“That connection [to ‘Star Trek] is another fun thing we get to do together,” said Averbach-Katz. “It’s very meaningful in a very joyful way. It’s just like an expression of happiness and joy, and everybody’s just having fun.”

In his spare time, Averbach-Katz often plays and streams “Star Trek: Online.” Fans can follow and interact at his Twitch — “TheType1Trekkie.” Averbach-Katz also is an experienced Dungeons and Dragons player and dungeon master, who often plays with some of his “Discovery” castmates — like Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets), Ian Alexander (Gray Tal), and Blu del Barrio (Adira). Fans can watch their adventures on the YouTube channel “Disco Does DnD.”

Disco Does DnD: Episode 12

Disco Does DnD: Episode 12!Watch Live, 1pm PT/4pm ET on @Twitch Anthony Rapp as Tisryn Blu del Barrio as Rufus Ian Alexander as Tuyen Noah Averbach-Katz DMing For all inquires: DiscoDoesDnD@gmail.com2022-05-09T01:30:07Z

Outside of those activities, Averbach-Katz is involved with an upcoming film project called “Type 1.” The story is about a husband with Type 1 Diabetes who, with the help of his wife, must find insulin during a global disaster. The film will star Averbach-Katz and Wiseman and will be directed by Rapp. 

“I’m really excited about it,” said Averbach-Katz. “I think that getting to work closely with Anthony, and starting to transition into supporting his vision, and just being an actor in his movie in his vision — I’m very excited about.” 

Averbach-Katz said he plans to stream the new season of “Star Trek: Online” from his Twitch account, and fans are invited to join in the fun

“Star Trek Online” is a free-to-play multiplayer online game that allows players to explore the Star Trek universe from within. “Star Trek Online” is currently available for free on PC (Arc, Steam, Epic Games Store), plus PlayStation and Xbox consoles. To download and play Star Trek Online, visit

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