Jane Wiedlin is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer & Appeared in a ‘Star Trek’ Movie

Leonard Nimoy and Jane Wiedlin

Paramount Leonard Nimoy directs Jane Wiedlin in a scene from 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.'

Jane Wieldlin is one of the few entertainers on the planet who can claim to have been part of a Billboard 200 #1 album and a film that grossed more than $100 million. Thanks to the album “Beauty and the Beat” and the movie “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home,” Wiedlin rightfully can make that claim. “Beauty and the Beat” spent six weeks at #1 in 1982 on the strength of the singles “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “We Got the Beat,” according to Billboard, while “Star Trek IV” grossed $109.7 million during its theatrical release in 1986, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

Wiedlin has been with punk/new wave band The Go-Go’s since the late 1970s, according to the bio on her official website, JaneWiedlin.com, playing rhythm guitar, singing backing vocals, and writing or co-writing many of the group’s songs, including “Our Lips Are Sealed.” The Go-Go’s have disbanded and reunited several times over the years, and, according to Wiedlin’s official, toured as recently as March 2022, playing shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Temecula, Anaheim, and Reno, and will hit the road again in June 2022, for a series of shows in the U.S. and U.K. with Billy Idol. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021, according to the rockhall.com site. Wiedlin has also released several solo albums, scoring hits with such songs as “Rush Hour” and “Cool Places;” created a comic book series called Lady Robotica; and, according to her site, is “a legally ordained minister” who goes by the name Reverend Sister Go-Go and can be hired as of officiant for weddings, commitment ceremonies, or vow reaffirmation ceremonies.

Wiedlin with Her Fellow Go-Go’s in 2020 

The Go-Go's

GettyThe Go-Go’s at an event during the Sundance Film Festival in 2020.

As an actor, according to the Internet Movie Database, Wiedlin played the Singing Telegram Girl in the movie version of “Clue” and Joan of Arc in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” and voiced characters for such animated shows as “The New Batman Adventures,” “Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain,” “King of the Hill,” “Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire,” and “Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?” She also made a brief appearance in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.” She played Trillya, the uniquely coiffed communications officer aboard the U.S.S. Shepard, who can be seen and heard sending a distress signal to the equally harried staff at Starfleet headquarters.

On January 2, 2022, Wiedlin shared a tweet with fans in which she asked, “Did you know I played a character named Trillya in ‘Star Trek IV?’ Here’s an interview I did with @Star Trek about my experience and working with Leonard Nimoy.” In the interview, conducted in 2011, Wiedlin said, “Oh, my God! ‘Star Trek’ was the highlight of the week for my family when I was growing up. I have older brothers and sisters, otherwise, I don’t know if I ever would’ve heard about the show. But we watched every episode when they were originally aired, and then we would recreate the episodes. We even made our own ‘Star Trek’ movies with Super 8 cameras, and I’d kill to get copies of those films. I don’t know what became of them. But, yeah, I’ve been a geek girl since the ’60s.”

Wiedlin’s Tweet about ‘Star Trek’  

Wiedlin went on to explain how she connected with “The Voyage Home.” She said she’d just gone solo from the Go-Go’s and her new manager, brainstorming new activities for his client to pursue beyond pop music, suggested she try acting. He secured her an agent, which led to auditions.

“When I heard ‘Star Trek IV’ was going to be made I freaked out and just basically begged, begged, begged,” she told StarTrek.com. “I said, ‘Please get me in that movie. I don’t care who I am in it. I don’t care if I’m wearing an alien mask and you can’t see it’s me. I just need to be in a “Star Trek” movie.’ They did that and, luckily, the casting agent had a good sense of humor and I did get that little part. And it was one of the highlights of my career to be directed by Leonard Nimoy, even if it was just for a few minutes. It was so thrilling.”

Wiedlin spent a full day on the set of “The Voyage Home.” She recalled a uniform made of 100 percent wool, which was “very thick, very hot,” and “uncomfortable.” After a long wait for her big moment, it was finally time. “I remember going on set and Leonard being there and walking me through it,” Wiedlin said. “He was a really kind and proactive director. A lot of directors don’t direct you. They just set up their shot and say, ‘Go.’ Leonard led me through my lines and told me what he wanted. I’m sure I was terrible. I hate to say that because I know I’m always supposed to be positive about myself, but I’m sure I was absolutely awful because I was so star-struck and so nervous. But he was very kind and patient with me, and the moment was over almost as soon as it started.”

Wiedlin Even Made it into the ‘Star Trek IV’ Trailer 


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Ultimately, moviegoers saw Trillya on screen for eight seconds. Still, Wiedlin had achieved her dream of appearing in a “Star Trek” movie.

“It was so cool,” she told StarTrek.com. “I had my scene and Leonard did me a kindness by showing some of the scene again in the end credits. But I was terrified seeing the movie because I’ve always had an aversion to seeing myself on screen. I was horrified, but the movie was so good. I’m just so happy that I was in the best ‘Star Trek’ movie.”

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