Did ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Borrow a Weapon From ‘Star Trek’?

Jadzia Dax and a met’leth

Paramount Jadzia Dax and a met’leth in an episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”

It could be yet another chapter in the ancient rivalry of modern science fiction franchises, which seems to have started a long time ago. “Star Trek,” which was pitched as a “wagon train to the stars,” was first, paving the way for “Star Wars” to come in and explode. Many have said that without Trek, there would have been no Wars.

One of those people who thought this was true was the creator of Wars, George Lucas

“‘Star Trek’ softened up the entertainment arena so that ‘Star Wars’ could come along and stand on its shoulders,” Lucas told Rod Roddenberry in the documentary Trek Nation. “There was an effective group of people in the beginning who accepted it, that it wasn’t that far out.”

‘Star Wars’ to end after Episode III

George Lucas: "I don't want Star Wars to turn into Star Trek"George Lucas talks about keeping the Star Wars legacy special and suggests it would be damaging to release too many theatrical films. With the announcement of numerous Star Wars films, Disney is expected to release 9 films and several TV shows within a timespan of 10 years2020-12-13T18:03:41Z

Perhaps after watching what others did to Gene Roddenberry’s creation, things changed for Lucas. After Roddenberry was not in charge of his creation, Trek did change, and in ways which Roddenberry may not have approved of. Lucas said that he did want that for his baby. He told CNN that he didn’t want Wars to become Trek, saying there would be no more movies after Episode III.  

“I’ve worked it out to when I do it, in terms of the films that I’m doing, this will be the last film — III will be the last film,” Lucas told Chung in 2005. “There may be other venues for it but in the theatrical release. You know, I just wanna keep that special. I don’t want it to turn into … ‘Star Trek.’”

Obviously, that didn’t happen; Lucas sold the rights to “Star Wars” to Disney in 2012 for $4 Billion. He said that the decision to sell was “very painful,” but the deal was done. So, in a way, “Star Wars” has become more like “Star Trek” — certainly more than Lucas wanted it to be.

Wars on TV

THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT Trailer (NEW, 2021)THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT Trailer (NEW, 2021) Sci-Fi Series © 2021 – Star Wars2021-11-29T16:09:29Z

One of the ways Disney is making Wars more Trek-like is the exploration of television. “Star Wars” dabbled on TV in the 70s (with the ‘trainwreck’ Holiday Special) and in the 80s (with the Droids and Ewok cartoons, and the Ewok television movies) but was not constantly on TV until the second The Clone Wars series debuted on The Cartoon Network in 2008. 

With Disney in complete control of the franchise, “Star Wars” has a permanent home on the Disney+ streaming network. And like Trek on Paramount+, there are several animated and live-action “Star Wars” shows airing, like “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett.”

In the first episode of the “Boba Fett,” some of the characters on the show, the pig-humans known as the Gamorrean Guards, flash some weapons which look a whole lot like something from “Star Trek.” These guards appear to be using the Klingon sword, known as the mek’leth. An eagle-eyed Trek fan identified this and posted it on his Twitter feed:

Gamorrean Guards & Klingon Weapons

A Gamorrean Guard in Return of the Jedi

DisneyA Gamorrean Guard, as seen in ‘Return of the Jedi’ from 1983.

When introduced in “Return of the Jedi,” the Gamorrean Guards used axes when defending Jabba the Hutt’s palace. They were large and bulky (as seen above). The new version of the guards appear to be using short swords, similar in design to the mek’leth, except for the lack of a second blade which protects the knuckles. 

Gamorrean Guard in Boba Fett

DisneyA Gamorrean Guard’s weapon as seen in “The Book of Boba Fett”

Trek fans may remember the mek’leth in “Star Trek: First Contact,” as Worf (Michael Dorn) used one of these weapons to disable a Borg on the exterior of the Enterprise-E. Worf likely chose the mek’leth instead of the more traditional and better-known bat’leth because he could stow it in his environmental (space) suit.

Today, fans can buy an officially Roddenberry-licensed mek’leth prop if they are interested. 

Trek & Wars: Same Universe?

Watching a Gamorrean Guard using a mek’leth on “The Book of Boba Fett” may give more energy to the fan theory that Trek and Wars actually are in the same universe but operate in a different galaxy. 

Thanks to the appearance of R2-D2 in “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” some have been speculating that the two franchises could potentially collide one day. Writer Tom Meisfjord writes how R2-D2 could have been on a Federation ship:

“Maybe, through guile and charisma, R2-D2 managed to survive for eons, escaping a galaxy far, far away and eventually securing work on a Starfleet vessel thanks to the organization’s open-door, no-questions-asked policy of bringing new allies into the fold.”

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