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Rumors about which fan-favorite characters might make an appearance in Picard season two have been circulating since season one ended. The reappearance of characters like Data, Riker, Troi and Seven of Nine in the first season, has fans eagerly speculating about other familiar faces they might see in the upcoming season.

One theory presented by ScreenRant is that Worf will make a big comeback in Picard season 2. The publication theorized that since season one was all about Jean-Luc Picard’s relationship with Data, who died at the end of the season, the story will shift to his relationship with another fan-favorite character. They argued that Picard’s close friendship with Worf makes their relationship the perfect focus for season two.

No one from the studio or the current cast has spoken about whether Michael Dorn, the actor who played Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), will be joining the season two ensemble. However, during a recent interview on Literary Joe’s Inner Child Podcast, Dorn himself finally gave the clarification fans have been waiting for.

He Hasn’t Been Asked to do Season 2

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When Dorn was asked whether he was allowed to talk about Picard season 2 and the possibility of a guest appearance, he gave a straightforward and revealing answer.

“I can say full freedom that they have not contacted me at all… The show’s been on for a couple of years and they have not made a peep.”

One of the interviewers followed up by asking him whether he wanted the chance to reprise the role and whether he’d take it if it was offered.

“It just would depend on a lot of things,” he replied. “It would depend on the part… what they wanted to do with the character.”

Dorn also made it clear that he wasn’t exactly excited about the prospect of going through the makeup transformation required for Worf. Earlier in the interview, he’d shared about the struggles he had with makeup and prosthetics while he was regularly playing the role on TNG and DS9. He said that he wasn’t sure he’d be willing to go through all the trouble of “three hours of makeup” again.

Dorn went on to say that he’s currently at a place in his acting career where he can be discerning about the projects he chooses. He said if he got the invite, his decision would be based more on seeing his TNG family than the opportunity to be on the show.

“The only real reason for doing [Picard] is so I can giggle and laugh with Patrick and everybody for a few days. Which is always a lot of fun.”

So, it doesn’t sound like fans will see Worf in Picard season two. However, they can see Dorn in Agent Revelation, his new movie, which premieres on Demand tomorrow.

Will More TNG Favorites Appear on ‘Picard’?

William Riker

CBS All AccessWilliam Riker at his home on Nepenthe

In an interview with last April, Jonathan Frakes revealed that more TNG characters might show up on Picard in the future. Frakes is a frequent Star Trek director and he reprised his role as Commander William T. Riker in the first season of Picard.

He said that his season one appearance with Marina Sirtis, who played his wife Deanna Troi, was an experiment of sorts. The showrunners and writers wanted to see if they could naturally incorporate characters from TNG in a way the fans liked.

Frakes indicated that the positive response to Riker and Troi’s appearance in the episode “Nepenthe” opened the door to other TNG characters being on the show. He emphasized that the writers wanted to make sure those characters showed up in a way that made sense given the time that had passed since fans saw them last.

LeVar Burton, who played Geordi LaForge on TNG, also suggested that characters from TNG could easily come back in Picard. In an interview with ET Online, he said it was totally plausible that Picard’s old friendships from the TNG era had endured to the Picard era. Burton also confirmed that he’d had discussions about being on the show, though he made it clear nothing had been filmed.

So, it sounds like there’s a good chance some more fan favorites will be back for season two, but Worf won’t be among them.

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