Michael Dorn Says He’s Been ‘Summoned’ by ‘Starfleet’

Michael Dorn as Worf

CBS Michael Dorn as Worf

Michael Dorn is a screenwriter, producer, and pilot. He’s also a musician and director. But what fans know him best for is the role he made famous — the heroic and grouchy Mr. Worf. From the very beginning, when “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry told Dorn to make the role “his own,” Dorn did as much to create the character as any writer or producer did.

Over the past few years, Dorn has been busy with video games, animated voiceover projects and even a few on-screen gigs too (like Derek Ting’s Agent Revelation). In his free time, he’s written an entire screenplay for a Western, which he’d star and direct as well, called “Quentin Hawks and the Road to Trinidad.”

But now, it seems that the wishes of Trek fans the world over may be finally fulfilled. According to an April 19, 2021, tweet by Dorn himself, Mr. Worf might be coming back:

For years, Dorn has been campaigning for Mr. Worf to return to Trek. He’s even created a treatment for what a Captain Worf show might be about. Though his tweet is a bit cryptic, it could mean a few different things.

Captain Worf Show Is On

As noted before, Dorn has been campaigning for years to get a new Trek show on the air — or at this point in time, it would be over the internet via the Paramount+ network.

“Basically, the script I wrote was: Instead of looking at the Klingon Empire from Starfleet, we look at Starfleet from the Klingon Empire,” Dorn told TrekMovie earlier this year. “And it has been going on for decades. The Klingon Empire just can’t go on. It’s the Russians, basically.

“And they decide that they have to either die with a sword in their hands and go extinct, or change with the times and become something different,” Dorn told TrekMovie. “And Worf is the guy that says, ‘We have to change with the times, that is the mark of a warrior.’”

It could be that Dorn is signaling that his treatment for a Captain Worf show could be “green lit” by Alex Kurtzman and Paramount+.

Recently Dorn told Trek Report that he was puzzled as to why the Worf show had not yet been made.

“It’s one of the great mysteries of this business that it hasn’t been done,” said Dorn in the interview. “I don’t think we’ll ever solve the mystery. There have been several people around the business, that when I tell them that I wrote the script, they say ‘Oh, well they have to do it!’”

Worf Could Return to ‘Picard’ or ‘Lower Decks’

According to the comic book series IDW’s Star Trek: Picard – Countdown, Worf took over as captain of the Enterprise-E when Picard moved on from the ship. He still could be alive and kicking in the Picard era. This means that he could appear on the show with Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes (Riker), and Marina Sirtis (Troi). Dorn has previously said he was not returning for Picard.

Some have speculated that Worf would be the perfect candidate for a cameo on “Star Trek: Lower Decks” or “Prodigy.” This would allow Dorn to appear as Worf, without the grueling make-up required to become the Klingon.

Dorn told Trek Report that he’d be willing to return as the character in animation if all things aligned.

“Just like any other project that I’ve done, there have to be a number of things that would have to fall into place,” Dorn told Trek Report. “If those things fell into place, then yes, I would.”

In fact, Trek Report wrote an entire speculative article on what it might look like if Worf did return as an animated character.

Could the New Film Be About Worf?

Since we know that J.J. Abrams is putting together a new “Star Trek” film, could Worf return for this new movie?

IGN reported on April 19 that a Paramount staffer said Dorn’s tweet “has nothing to do with a Star Trek Universe on Paramount+ original series.” Note that this very careful wording which does not mention the Trek film which is currently in development.

It Might Mean Something Else

As Dorn is very clever, his tweet might mean that he’s doing something else altogether. Since he did not say that the Captain Worf show is on or specifically mention that he’d soon be on Picard, Lower Decks, or Prodigy, he might be promoting an entirely new project. His tweet could be a big tease. But it certainly turned heads.

TrekMovie reported that it could be for a new role in a video game, noting that the #ad hashtag means that he’s promoting something and the tweet is meant to be like an advertisement.

UPDATE: Worf Returns as Video Game Character

The mystery behind Dorn’s original message was revealed on April 23, when he followed up with this video. Worf will be a playable character in the new Apple Arcade game, “Star Trek: Legends.” The game is available for iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh computers.

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