Nichelle Nichols Mailed Something Special to Some ‘Star Trek’ Fans

nichelle nichols fan mail

YouTube Nichelle Nichols as Uhura.

When it came to answering her fan mail on ‘Star Trek’, actress Nichelle Nichols reportedly gave some fans a special gift. However, only a certain sub-set fans were in the know. Here’s what we know about the “behind the scenes” story from the original series set.

Nichelle Nichols Gave ‘Star Trek’ Fans in the Military Something Extra

In a piece for, legendary “Star Trek” Super-fan Bjo Trimble shared a story from her time on set with Nichelle Nichols.

Bjo and her husband had ample opportunity to interact with Nichols and other members of the Star Trek cast. Bjo, born Betty Jo, went by “Bjo” among friends and fellow Trek fans. At first just a fan of the series, she and her husband eventually worked behind the scenes of Star Trek, thanks to Gene Roddenberry. The Star Trek creator hired the Trimbles to answer fan mail sent to Star Trek actors, and to work for Roddenberry’s mail order business, Lincoln Enterprises.

When it came to Nichelle Nichols, however, there was a special procedure for organizing the incoming fan mail.

“She left it to us to answer the standard ‘please send me a phaser’ requests with photos of her in Starfleet uniform,” Bjo Trimble recounted, before noting that fan mail coming from members of the military was to be given directly to Nichols.

“She wanted all her mail with a military return address,” Trimble stated. “She had photos of her in her sexy, skimpy singer’s costumes, which she sent to ‘her boys overseas.’ From the military fan reaction, those photos were very much appreciated!”

Fan Mail is a Time-Honored Tradition

Sending “fan mail” to an actor you admire is a time-honored tradition among fans of TV and film. Often, actors (or their PR people) will send headshots or a form letter in response to a fan letter. Sometimes, as was apparently the case with Taylor Swift according to the Telegraph, fan mail is thrown away, unopened. However, some celebs like Nichelle Nichols, go the extra mile for certain fans.

Nichols is a singer of some note, having released several albums. Years after Star Trek ended, Nichols would speak on camera about the Trimble’s campaign to save Star Trek, as part of the documentary United We Fan, which explored the letter-writing campaign and its effects.

Even today, fan mail has sparked some interesting headlines. Good Housekeeping reports that Tom Hanks once answered a fan’s letter just to help her win a bet, while Bryan Cranston reportedly has a habit of sending headshots to fans with ominous messages written on them.

Bjo Trimble Is a Legend Among ‘Star Trek’ Fans

The story Trimble shared about Nichelle Nichols was just one of many stories she collected in her time as a fan and Roddenberry employee. Bjo, along with husband John Trimble, were instrumental in coordinating a fan letter-writing campaign that saved Star Trek.

In an interview with, Trimble recalled just how effective the fan campaign was.

“Fans decided to take action, and we did it very well, thank you very much! So well that NBC came on, in prime time, and made a voice-over announcement that Star Trek was not canceled…so please stop writing letters.”

In fact, iO9 has referred to the Trimble’s campaign as one of a handful of such fan campaigns that were ultimately successful, alongside “save our show” campaigns for series like Quantum Leap and Roswell.

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