Will Ni’Var Rejoin the Federation in ‘Discovery’ Season 4?

Screenshot from the "Star Trek: Discovery" season four trailer

YouTube Screenshot from the "Star Trek: Discovery" season four trailer

When the crew of the Discovery jumped 300 years into the future in season three, Trek fans got to see the new landscape of the Federation and the galaxy. One of the most interesting developments was the transformation of the planet Vulcan.

The homeworld of the Vulcan species, which had been allies of the Federation for centuries, had been renamed Ni’Var. The name change was symbolic of the massive social reformation that occurred on the planet generations before — the reunification of the Vulcans and the Romulans.


Burnham speaks with the Ni'Var ambassador

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Though the Vulcans and the Romulans were once the same species, the species split when one faction decided to pursue logic as their guiding principle. The divergence put the Romulans and the Vulcans at odds with each other for centuries. When the Vulcans aligned with the humans and formed the Federation, the Romulans became one of the primary adversaries of the Federation.

Ambassador Spock tried for years to broker peace between the Vulcans and the Romulans, but his efforts never succeeded in his lifetime. So, the crew of the Discovery was shocked to find that not only had the species reunited, they were occupying the same planet. They were also surprised to learn that Ni’Var was not part of the Federation.

Will Ni’Var Rejoin the Federation in Season 4?

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In season three, the crew of Discovery found that Ni’Var had split from the Federation because the Federation wanted them to move forward with a technological project they’d deemed too dangerous. When they agreed to share information about The Burn with the Federation, they were still resistant to the suggestion of a formal alliance.

However, at the very end of the season, during the final battle between the Federation and the Emerald Chain, the Ni’Var fleet showed up to assist the Federation. When the battle was won and everyone was back at Starfleet Headquarters, the Ni’Varian president seemed willing to discuss a closer relationship with the Federation.

The new teaser trailer for season four, available above, hints that Ni’Var might be ready to formalize their alliance with the Federation, and maybe even rejoin. President T’Rina, who was the primary liaison between Starfleet and Ni’Var in season three, is in multiple scenes of the trailer.

In one particularly telling scene, T’Rina is in Starfleet headquarters, speaking with Admiral Vance, a Federation ambassador and Captain Michael Burnham. Two members of the Qowat Milat stand in the background. One of them is Burnham’s mother, Gabrielle Burnham.

T’Rina turns to the ambassador and says, “We are more than allies.”

This seems like a pretty strong implication that Ni’Var will not just form an alliance with the Federation to fight against the newest threat to the galaxy. It suggests that Ni’Var will, in fact, rejoin the Federation in an official capacity.

In another scene, T’Rina is in what appears to be a temple with a view of the planet outside. She stands will Book and gently places her fingers on his face preparing for a Vulcan mind-meld. The trailer doesn’t give any hints as to why they would need to mind-meld, though given Book’s empathic abilities, it should be a very interesting meld.

So, all signs seem to point to Ni’Var rejoining the Federation in season four. At the very least, the planet and its inhabitants will play a major role in the events of the season.

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