Picard Will Face a Familiar TNG Villain in ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

"Star Trek: Picard" season two teaser

YouTube "Star Trek: Picard" season two teaser

The second and third seasons of “Star Trek: Picard” started filming in the spring of 2021. Since then, fans have learned quite a bit about what will happen in the upcoming season. Picard’s adversary Q will be back. Picard’s crew of misfits will be tasked with repairing a broken timeline. Seven of Nine will be human again. A mysterious organization is up to something. The Mirror Universe might be involved.

And, Paramount+ just announced that one of the most iconic villains in the “Star Trek” universe will be back to face off with Picard again.

The Borg Queen is Back!

On the afternoon of September 2, Deadline reported that Annie Wersching had been cast as the Borg Queen for the second season of “Picard.” Wersching actually kicked off her acting career in the Trekverse almost 20 years ago.

She appeared in the “Star Trek: Enterprise” episode “Oasis.” Her character was a Kantare named Liana who crash-landed on an unidentified planet with her father when she was very young. Her father created an entire holographic world for her to exist in so she wouldn’t be lonely. The crew members of the Enterprise NX-01 were the first humanoids Liana had encountered since her childhood. She developed feelings for Chief Engineer Charles “Trip” Tucker while they were on the planet.

Since then, Wersching has worked on several popular television shows including “General Hospital,” “24,” “Dallas,” “Castle,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Timeless.” She’s best known for her role as Leslie Dean in “Runaways” and her role as Officer Julia Brasher in “Bosch.”

Her IMDB page indicates that she will be in the very first episode of the second season. However, that may just be a placeholder until more details about her role in the show are released.

A New Borg Queen

Wersching is the third actress to take on the role of the Borg Queen. Alice Krige originated the role in “Star Trek: First Contact.” She also played the role in one episode of “Star Trek: Voyager.” Susanna Thompson became the Borg Queen for three episodes of “Voyager.”

In “First Contact,” Krige’s Borg Queen explained that she was the Borg Collective. Though she had her own individual consciousness, she also contained the consciousness of the entire Collective. Her individual consciousness could guide the Collective, but it was always informed by the Collective.

Since Krige’s Borg Queen was the only one fans had ever seen, many assumed that she was the only Borg Queen in existence. However, the introduction of a second Borg Queen in “Voyager” raised lots of questions about the Borg Queen’s role in the Collective, as Heavy previously examined.

When she was first introduced, some posited that Thompson’s Borg Queen replaced Krige’s Borg Queen after the events of “First Contact.” However, the episode “Dark Frontier” debunked this theory by revealing that there are multiple Borg Queens throughout the universe. All of those Borg Queens share the Collective’s consciousness and have access to the Collective’s history.

So, Picard will confront yet another version of the Borg Queen in “Picard” season two. It will be interesting to see how the story handles their knowledge of each other. If this Borg Queen was already assimilated when Picard was part of the Collective, then he will be familiar with her. However, if she was assimilated after he escaped the Collective, she’ll know all about him, but he won’t know anything about her.

The addition of the Borg Queen to season two is another exciting twist in a season that promises to be full of them.

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